Silicone Rubber Chess Pieces From Chess House – Comparing Different Budget Friendly Chess Pieces

In this video I sit down to compare several different tournament size chess sets, and also talk a little bit about my new purchase from Chess House, the Silicone Club Chess Pieces, an unusual purchase for me. For those of you interested in chess pieces made out of anything other than wood or plastic, these silicone pieces are definitely quite a find. Let me know if the comments below what you guys think about these sets. I will go ahead and drop links below where I purchased all these sets. As always, I appreciate each and every one of you, my fellow chess friends, for stopping by and viewing the video. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already done so and stay tuned for more future chess videos.

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Shiny Large Plastic Set:

Matte Large Plastic Set:

Silicone Set:

Barnes and Noble Set:


  1. I started using that breathing excercise for archery and my scores immediately went up 5 points every game.

  2. I adore the yellow banana 🍌 pieces in the ver 2 Ultimate Chess Set, that is no longer made. The yellow of these silicone pieces is pretty close to matching that shade. I already had the silicone pieces in black and white, and after the yellow ones came, I ordered the remaining 12 colors of silicone pieces. I have every color and size of roll up boards in mousepad, vinyl and silicone, so playing the daily chess matches with my wife is never boring. Thanks for showing the yellow silicone pieces so I could see them.

  3. Nice video Al. Even the cheaper chess sets need to be shown, really like them. I'm impressed with the first, larger plastic chess set, it's basically a luxury chess set but in plastic, even on a nice, expensive wooden board It wouldn't feel out of place. But even the others are really nice, love the sylicon one. Keep up the good work!

  4. J̶᷊︣ǒ̷͖ḩ̸́n̴͓̑ṋ̷̌ỳ̵̦ D̷̠̽e̶̹͡e̸̞͋p̶̫͊ says:

    I've always been tempted by the silicone sets. Being unbreakable and completely waterproof (and maybe even oven-proof?) is a definite selling point. I wish they came in more designs, like Dubrovnik, Zagreb, etc. and in various sizes. I'd also like to see an option to have them weighted. Hmm, as for their use in prisons, that's interesting. But I'm sure the more inventive inmates could find ways to make them deadly, such as jamming them in places they shouldn't be 🙂

    EDIT: as for health concerns, too much of an obsession with chess can definitely cause mental health issues! And even financial issues if you become a collector.

  5. Nice video. I might rob a bank to get back in shape and improve my chess, lol. I never owned a silicon set but Ive owned silicone chess boards and I didn't like the grippy-ness of the boards. Nieces and nephews ripped the felt to a a couple of pieces. No big deal as I easily gkued ut back on but I prefer mousepad. I do love the dark green color and I am hoping to get the dark side of a wood set stained that color.. Funny enough I just refelted my plastic Ultimate Chess Set.

  6. Hi, Do you know where I can buy the "Interzonal" (by houseofstaunton) model but in genuine ebony?.

  7. I had a silicone set once but I just couldn't get to like playing with it. There are benefits for it but not for me. They were designed to be used in prisons. Since plastic and wooden pieces can be turned into shanks. They banned those types of chess sets. However with silicone. It can never be turned into a shank.

  8. Wow, I've never seen a flexible set like that. I can't help but wonder though, what effect time will have on a set like that.

  9. Silicon has pores? It's used to seal areas around sinks and bathtubs, I don't think water can get inside of it.

  10. Did you get the silicone in green and yellow for John deere? Just a guess because of the cathartt shirt.

  11. Just buy a glass top to protect your chess board

  12. Silicon chess board is not good for speed chess. Appreciate your love Chess. It's a addiction

  13. i'm terrable at chess, i just rly love chess sets. Something magical about them, i don't know.

  14. Miss Barnes is a wonderful person she does a lot to help animals. So please remember this when you talk about her store. Thank you

  15. Carving a shank out of a chess pieces…LOL. I'm only kidding. I love everything you share. You tend to think of every single detail, and I always appreciate that. You've already sold me several chess products. Please keep up the good work!

  16. Yeah but what they do with them after the soap gets dropped

  17. I keep a silicone board and pieces set in the car because it's lightweight, won't be damaged in the summer heat, and looks good. I never loved how my vinyl board would curl up over time and not look as nice on the table.

  18. Thanks for video. I think I heard that Bobby Fisher was in jail for some time.

  19. Whose bright idea was it to countersink the felt?!

  20. Most silicone has antimold properties that make it ideal for weatherstripping joints between two surfaces.

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