SECRET Rule Of Chess!

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  1. "On PoSsOnT" 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  2. i saw this and i was WHAT HOW IS THIS GLITCH WHAT????!?!??!?!

  3. Already knew en passant but this was still good teaching levi

  4. But it depends on the order isn’t it?Like, if I went out of my zone to yours and you went front, I can take it, but if I went there, you made another step, then pushed your pawn, I can’t take it, am not I?

  5. In vietnam it call “bắt tốt qua đường”

  6. So… Why is this a rule? Like is there a history for it cause it does feel a bit… Random.

  7. Bro I did this by accident and beat him from getting a queen after loosing all game

  8. i only saw it on the "chess king" channel

  9. As a french, it’s hilarous to hear américains saying « en passant »😂

  10. It sounds beautiful "En passant" whereas in Russian it is "Взятие на проходе"

  11. The secret tactic to win in 3 or 4 steps
    Don't believe? Then Google "Chess rule 34"

  12. I'm french, i love the way u say "en passant" btw, that literally mean "By the way", the "a" don't havve to desapear 'cause here it's like saying "en pssant".

  13. did this to my cousin once, the look on his face was pricelss

  14. When i have mate in one , but i can en passant
    I know what i have to do but i don't know if i have the strength to do it

  15. OH I play Roblox chess and I have done that many times I thought it was a glitch

  16. I knew that already but my friends didnt believe me 😂

  17. thank you I was wildly confused when this happened to me

  18. Did I really thought it was en croissant💀

  19. I love the accsent because en passant is french

  20. I remember playing a game with someone online and then he took my pawn but its in the wrong way so i just said

    Yo illegal move

  21. First of all who the heck did add this useless stupid rule 😴

  22. Anarchy chess wants to know if you ever dident play en passant, you must always play en passant if it is on the board

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