Rematch: Vishy Anand vs Praggnanandhaa | Tata Steel Chess India 2018

The Tata Steel Chess India Blitz was a double round robin event. Yesterday we published the video of round 6 where Praggnanandhaa with the white pieces heavily attacked Vishy Anand’s king. Vishy defended calmly and won that game.

The battle of generations took place once again in the 15th round. This time Anand had the white pieces. What would happen in this encounter? Would Anand extend his score against Pragg to 2-0 or would Pragg get his revenge? Check out the video to find what happened.


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  1. Amazing 🙏 👏 😊🤔🧐🙄🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏❣

  2. Kon jeeta re
    15 min barbaad bc 😣

  3. what a return gift from Pragg to Vishy in defeating Magnus 3 years later.

  4. I dont understand who won after quickly reaching last min.. just liked video and quitting😁😎

  5. Please give a virtual board for us it's very difficult to see from our angle

  6. Legends watching but don't know how to play

  7. And now he is a world champion! Good to see this vintage video to appreciate his journey.

  8. Legends are those who even don't watched the video and only read the comments.

  9. Many legends are here only to see 😊

  10. I skip. Whole and Seen last one ❣️
    to know who win but i don't know…

  11. Anyone just forwarded the min to se who wis ,
    But, didn't understand who had won the match.😅

  12. مين اللي فاز الطفل او الكبير

  13. Post match talk between these two whispering in their native tamil lang , reminding me last bench days in school

  14. complete silence in the crowd 😂😂

  15. Who are all here after pragga beat magnus carlsen

  16. It absorbs a self confident which extremly positive effects on Human mode

  17. They are discussing in தமிழ் 😍

  18. kuch smjh me ni aaya pr phir bhi dekhne me maza aaya😁😁

  19. I think this lesson might have helped Pragg to beat Magnus.
    Once again proving "Failure is the stepping stone to success."

  20. The last 1 min was cute.
    Anand teaching Prag as to what he should have done to win the game as well as saying where Anand himself went wrong and how at one point he was stuck in a particular move….
    It's a Tamil conversation and I'm glad I can atleast barely hear them whisper lol

  21. One move was mistake by the Child

  22. Who is watching after 16 year old becomes the world's best player after defeating magnus Carlsen

  23. சைலண்டா தமிழே பேசிக்கிட்டாங்க கடைசி ல

  24. Respect for this game's ending 🥺
    This is how all games should end
    Kindness,No ego.

  25. Hyy legend s don't know how to play the game, but they are still watching

  26. A world champion Playing with kid but respect to his game. Always teacher remain teacher. Good pragananda asking how to move will it work, very calmly explaining ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏.

  27. Muito bom. Eu perderia em 2 minutos 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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