Reddit Embarrasses Hikaru, As Usual

Reddit Embarrasses Hikaru, As Usual, in the latest Reddit React after a long lapse.















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  1. Gameboy and Playboy aren't that different. They're both handheld entertainment you enjoyed as a kid, before you grew out of it and moved on to DS.

  2. It was exhibition against an 18 yr old Michael Dokes I believe. In poor taste that Dokes was trying to take his head off imo, but Ali embarrassed him for it.

  3. These videos are so good. I laughed throughout the entirety of this one, some good memers on the subreddit

  4. Wondering if the switch from English to Japanese at 4:09 was a stunt or genuinely displayed that his primary thoughts occur in Japanese 🧐

  5. These memes are so good, that even Hikaru started care.

  6. That clip will follow you for a long time! Too funny

  7. He is evolving u guys, understood every meme, im impressed!

  8. Sucks how hikaru took the lead from agadmator in terms of subscribers… don't get me wrong I love them both .But agad is definitely the best

  9. I honestly want hikaru to become the WC. Imagine the memes !

  10. How does a GM go from being just another GM to being a Very Special GM. ? .Well that's easy…Just be Hikaru …I am 71 year old chess player and hang out at Coffee Chess and as a GM ..Hikaru was just another GM to me …but when he took up their offer to show up and what he has done since is a tribute to this young extremely talented young man's character and love of the game …And for that to me, he is Very Special ..And I want to say a collective thank you for all those you and your game have touched…God Bless You…

  11. I like that Hikaru still makes these videos but his chat is cancer.

  12. Hikaru doesn't care and gives the WC title to Ding

  13. 4:10 It was in this position that Hikaru started to Flex his Japanese.

  14. 3:51 Ahem … The rope-a-dope: "The rope-a-dope is a boxing fighting technique most famously associated with Muhammad Ali in his October 1974 Rumble in the Jungle match against world heavyweight champion George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire."

  15. Give chat 3 seconds to update and they will all spam the same thing 💀

  16. Can't believe these thumbnails are still so insanely and consistently amazing

  17. That last post unlocked some forgotten childhood memories

  18. Hiki tan you have to be 18 to get a playboy…. Well 16 if you are Japanese so it counts I guess?

  19. 5:10 anyone else hear that tik tok sound, “how’s that song go, ba dum dum da da da da, when I …” I’d love for someone to make a magus release of that

  20. Hikaru not caring is the best thing for him in chess and here

  21. Lol Hikaru just think it’s called a brown noser and doesn’t actually understand why

  22. i had playboy too when i was young, will i be supergm? I practised a lot with it.

  23. you know wc in the netherlands is another word for toilet just like tv its short for something idk

  24. There's no other word for it. This stuff is just cool!

  25. fun fact: for some reason a lot of people do not know what en passant is to the points were even someone said what i did was not a legal move in chess XD

  26. yeah …. chess24 still working in those mines – salty AF

  27. Hey guys, how come Hikaru's parents let him read playboy as a kid?

  28. 2:40, can't black protect against that white rook in the next turn with black's bisshop? Sure white's horse will get it but before that you will have moved your king out of the way.

  29. Hikaru only looked at Playboy for the chess articles, honest

  30. I’d like to see you play co-op chess. Basically black and white would work together, using only legal moves, to make a cool design with the pieces. Could be interesting…

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