Reddit Embarrasses Hikaru, As Usual

Reddit Embarrasses Hikaru, As Usual, in the latest Reddit React after a long lapse.















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  1. The Pedro starch and the hair funniest part of the vid😂

  2. 5:20 The one dude in chat saying "jak makłowicz" 😂. Only Polish people will understand lmao.

  3. This is why hikaru has no girlfriend
    Because his queen is there

  4. "Hikaru becomes WC"
    Hikaru: ok lets keep going.

  5. "I didn't have a pocket chess game, but I did have this dirty magazine…"

  6. …what do you do with the queen ?…
    Go for some pawno…while the Catholic bishop is watching…but once a knight is enough…pretty kingky , don't you think?

  7. technically Mr. Brown "performed" a feat of memory, he had an uneven amount of opponents ranging in skill level – he replayed all the GM's games against the "stronger" weaker players, played the intermediates against eachother (inevitably one would come out on top), and played (one) legit chess match against the weakest player and narrowly won. wins 4, loses 3 draws 2? (paraphrased score, but something along that ratio of win%)

  8. wtf at 4.08, I immiadtly knew 8+2 is 10 there are 2 more squares. Dude is counting them and he is a genius by all accounts.

  9. That thumbnail didn't age well suddenly.

  10. The "Okay you guys. I got the queen what do i do now?" meme has a whole new meaning after the 8th of September 2022.

  11. Craved wood drama starter. Hikaru you need to be aware of how big your following is and how much power that leaves you with

  12. "That is exactly the phase that someone like a Garry, would have in a game"

  13. @7:42 mark i kinda had something like playboy or gameboy😮 hmmm so this is also necessary to be gm i wonder why am i still in 300 when i had pornhub😂

  14. The Magnus one kills me he does um a lot 😂

  15. 8:00
    It took a while but he said “Playboy’s not similar”
    You’re welcome
    Thanks to whoever had the idea to say this in chat lol

  16. i like the part where the recent video is recommended

  17. What language was Hikaru speaking when counting the squares on chess 2.0

  18. 8 year old Hikaru buying the Playboy for the chess strategy interviews with the playmates.

  19. I just paused to look up what "brown noser means" and then Hikaru just explains that… Well, that happened xD

  20. i know nothing about chess, but i have been watching this dude for the past month, help……….

  21. 2:28 sack le rook and win thy queen? (aah wait queen can take the sacking rook)

  22. One, two, three, four, five…
    Ichi, nii, san…
    Was that japanese👽

  23. Damn, didn't know Hikaru also read Playboy for the chess.

  24. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  25. Thumbnail- I got the queen. What do I do now?
    Me- Well, you obviously mate.

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