PROOF That I Will Conquer The Chess Scene…

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  1. Hans next time you play with magnus, full your wrist with digital watch that his weakness i saw it against Alisher Suleymenov lol

  2. I was watching him a few weeks ago on Twitch playing. Smbd asked him, can you explain smth. youre doing and he answered no, you do not und. either. Sus after caught cheating.

  3. We don't need proof we already know it's happening.

  4. He is a real fighter. Fighting against the whole chess World

  5. hans please never play this garbage as white ever again, its a fkin trap.

  6. When I was young and couldn't defend well, I felt that the Initiative was everything and I played very aggressively. As I became a more well-rounded player and could hold positions together, I realized I didn't have to throw caution to the wind with offense or play super-unbalanced positions every time. I could play aggressively, but with a bit less risk and would still do well. At the very high GM-level I would assume this is still an issue a player has to resolve for themselves. Hans seems bent on attacking in all positions, and when he finds little resistance he keeps going. Against Woodward he ran into "book knowledge". Woodward wasn't playing chess, he was remembering it. Some people do that very well. How do you beat those players? Tricks, Skill? Avoid that? What?

  7. We don’t need proof, the chess speaks for itself

  8. We want Hans comentating. I appreciate both of you, but it would be nice if he could join as well. At least to hear from the first perspective.

  9. Wait because you built a 12 year old you are better than Magnus now?

  10. When are you getting 1 mil subs on your channel?

  11. This chic has one of the most annoying approaches to speech I've ever heard "Wait… Whaaaat? Wait…. Whaaaat? Wait… What? This actually happened? Whaat?" Jesus. Shut up.

  12. Hans! Take neutropics to grow more brain cells. Fr fr helps with trauma related brain damage. Idc if think you dont need it. It helps. Btw mind is whole nervous system, not just brain. So stay in shape too: kettlebell + yoga.

  13. Hannah is killing it being the play by play commentary. Juri is supposed to be the color commentary but is failing big time. He's too Canadian.

  14. wtf is this video?? this editor is on crack

  15. but he's an adult beating up on little kids….

  16. magnus is screaming and shaking whlie crying in a fetal position on his floor

  17. Bruh understand ppl dislike you not because of your chess “skill” you’re just a tool

  18. Hannah Hannah fo fanna fe fi fo fanna Hannah

  19. Hans lost this game. He is embarrassed and posted half the game with a misleading title for some reason.

  20. Who is this person Juri and why are they commentating on chess?

  21. If chess speaks for itself, no proof is required. Hence, the statement "chess speaks for itself" may not be true since proof was provided it this instance and hence proof is required to speak on chess's behalf to be able to speak.

  22. Your editor need to be fired, put a game you lost as a proof you on your way to be the best.. Jesus..

  23. Don't listen to anyone. The world has gone crazy. Time is on your side. Justice will prevail.

  24. Back then, Magnus was simply jealous of Hans' hairstyle. Magnus thought to himself, he beat me at chess, okay some people have, but he looks like a damn Grandmaster Superstar with that hairstyle! So Magnus' little ego developed a perfidious plan… in order to be able to wear such great hairstyles, this Niemann has to be excluded, otherwise he would just be the coolest one here, but Hans Niemann over the seven mountains with the seven dwarves would still be a thousand times over Cooler than him. And so the battle of the giants began and if they didn't die, then Hans still has the better hairstyle.

  25. HAND PLEASE READ THESE WORDS… Everyone is mad at you because you "cheated". Maybe yes, maybe no, but no one can condemn you for the rest of your life! But the interviews you do don't help you… Especially last one… You could make lots of analogies… You could say many other things that would help but unfortunately you don't. You try to defend yourself without counterattacking…. I can give you many examplesy…. Maradona goal with his hand is CHEATED, but then he becae world champion…Messi, Ronaldo, and 1000s of other footballers who "cheat" by pretending it is a penalty kick when instead they know full well that it isn't… and they still take the penalty and celebrate even if they know they have "cheated"… Nobody condemns them for life… and there is a lot of money at stake. .. They continue to play and make millions and no one condemns them. There are players who have sold matches and who then became champions, commentators, coaches… and they cheated as adults not at 16…… LEARN TO DEFEND YOURSELF! Also at 16 you could have been drunk that night and then cheated. or amny other reasons…. I could come up with 1000 other analogies that would leave all the people who attack you speechless. yes you cheated, but YOU WERE ONLY 16!!!!! NO ONE SHOULD JUDGE YOU.

  26. Do u take your lawyer with you in the restroom in case you get a question you don't want to answer?

  27. Just saw your interview with Piers. He's a douche of the highest order. Stay strong!

  28. Sup Hans I’m your biggest fan. Will you come to the open this December in Vegas? I live there and would love to get a photo w you

  29. I'm not into chess that much, just play once and while when bored. That being said, it's not right that people are jealous of your success and want to discredit you. These people in the shadows have millions riding on you being discredited. It's not right. But the world is seeing you Maestro. You're the Oliver Anthony of the chess game!!!!

  30. Hire someone to coordinate your online presence in a more entertaining and cohesive way. Even the villain needs proper messaging. Your channel should thrive. I am unavailable.😪

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