Praggnanandhaa vs Vishy Anand | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2018

This is the first time that Vishy Anand and Praggnanandhaa faced each other in over the board play! Pragg went for an ambitious approach and attacked Vishy’s king relentlessly. Anand defended with all his might! What happened next? Who won the game? Check out the video to find out!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Who’s that maichod coughing pooping and peeing

  2. Uby to jeeta kon?
    Dono ny akhir mai gand jesa muu banaya hua hai!!!

  3. Mera bhai bhut accha chess khelta h plus use is field m kse age bdaya jay please 🙏koi advised krey

  4. Why did they just stop ?? WHO won there ??

  5. They are taking much time to play chess the time is over but they are still playing this is wrong.

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  7. My chess bast is i am bast palayr my name is RAVI PARMAR 😈😈😎😲😎💪

  8. a chess match willnot be complete without somebody coughing

  9. आनंद से बच्चा कुछ पूछ रहा तो देखो आनंद कैसे पेश आ रहा

  10. Sab to thik lag raha hai par ye Jo bich bich me do sound 🤣🤣 khasane ki aur kich kich photo lene ka pura mahol kharab kar diye dekhane me

  11. didnt take the knight is a big mistake i think

  12. Wo sab toh thik hai, par winner kaun bana😢😮.#I hv Zero knowledge

  13. 9:08 why did he not take the knight at e4 instead he went bd3. i am still in confusion

  14. Pragg is a next gem of India fearless player..

  15. Congratulations Valthukkal Brother Praggnandha

  16. Brother kids in my school velammal vidyalaya

  17. Watching this at 2am on Monday night … procrastination level 1000

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  19. Great thought both are good fight💪👊🔫

  20. Aree bhai jita kon…. sorry but New player 😢

  21. Bhai mujhe chess nhi aata but ye btao isme jeeta kon h

  22. For people confused who won…

  23. Kaun jita yrr pura dekh but kuch ghanta samjh nhi aaya

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