Piece Value

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  1. I feel like 0 is too over rated for king lol

  2. Who think Queen is most valuable

    But the king is mostvaluable than whole chess pieces because if your king die all pieces are useless☠️🫂

  3. In Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess, page 14, I read the King has Infinity point.

  4. Queen gets an extra point because she can change the colors she is moving vertically, like she can move as a rook to change the color she is standing on and then move as a bishop

  5. Amazon: 12
    Chancellor: 8
    Archbishop: 6
    General: ?
    Canon: >12
    Camel: ?

  6. You literally spend the whole game defending him at all costs ofc his value is infinite

  7. Me:The king value is -100. Everyone else HOW DO YOU THINK THAT?

  8. Theming has to be worth more than one point because you can't win without a king except resigning or agreed draw

  9. The king's value is victory just victory

  10. 0 king's value we were fighting to kill him from infinite time to infinite time🙁

  11. mine is zero and king's is high but not infinity as it is a concept not a number

  12. King cannot be captured so the king has infinite points

  13. It can't be infinite because it os like a god then I would say it should worth 15.

  14. Ithink its worth 39 cause if you "capture" it you win, so it should be worth all of the pieces, 8 pawns plus 2 rook plus 2 bishops,2 knights and a queen

  15. I would not say infinite, but absolute. Is not zero because is an end game piece, while infinite is by definition endless but not unmeasurable. A endless worth piece can not end the game if captured. Maybe absulute fits it better. Makes sense?

  16. I think kasporov said the king is like 3.5 points in the end game because it can bully around a knight

  17. I think queen can also meet ve like pawn so that's why 9 😂

  18. A King should worth 2 or infinity points, the most important piece and also control very few squares.

  19. 0 is false because you would sacrifice every piece to mate the king
    infinity is a large boundary but you could argue that a million also suffices since you exceed the summed values of every non-king piece on the board

    Better question is what is the smallest point value that we can assign to the king in a way that sacrificing as many required pieces as possible leads to a forced checkmate is still less worth than the king

  20. everytime i play an opponent and they start flexing their knowledge in material, i know i can win without breaking a sweat

  21. I wonder what stockfish would evaluate to be the piece values.

  22. Knights are better because you can fork the king and queen with no protection

  23. The king are basically zero when divided, either zero, one, or infinity

  24. In some chess boards, the king has a value of 4, and it's just there for decoration

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