P2W Chess: Random Armies To Grandmaster

Chess Evolved Online, also known as Old Old Chess Battle Advanced, is a game created by a crypto-addicted Spaghetti Monster. In this episode, I actually play the game. I mean okay, technically I don’t *get* to GM but I beat 2 GM’s and I never lost a single match during the climb.

Yes I’m still working on the greed/p2w overpowered updates video.

0:00 Intro
0:50 First Bot Match
5:10 Second Bot Match
9:35 vs. Beginner (LIiteray)
16:10 vs. MirrorBot
19:45 vs. Expert (doom99)
23:15 vs. Grandmaster (PlakaPlaka)
37:46 vs. Grandmaster (Alfrechess)
46:16 vs. Master (cv1519)

discord: discord.gg/V64JDvbWsf


  1. i will never see the word "advanced" the same way again

  2. How does no one play paladin? Paladin+ is pretty good at cost 12 just due to the excellent horizontal positioning stuff. Plus 1 paladin of either level shuts down hoplite rush, no? Rooks are much more expensive…

  3. you're pronouncing phalanx wrong on purpose right?

  4. icely how are you playing this game there is no way anyone can read this game properly

  5. much like all of the chess evo… er, chess battle advanced videos before i still have no idea what is happening on screen. 10/10

  6. Is it wrong upload time..?
    Or it's the right time?

  7. Are you good at normal chess?
    Just checking.

  8. I was waiting for video
    Now, I have video 😊

  9. The challenge doesn't count unless you beat an MN army like triple earth elemental+++ while in Expert.

  10. I wonder, do you enjoy playing this game despite its gaping flaws?

  11. the way you pronounce basilisk and phalanx is displeasing

  12. Can the toad only keep leap-capturing in the direction it started the leap? That's such hot garbage lmao. Though I guess if leap-capture just translated to omni directional free moves it would be a little bit too good. At 34:48 it would've won you the game on the spot

  13. You should totally annoy the spuggy-mon for free stuff. Wouldn’t be truly random without having all the units.

  14. i started playing this game because of your channel and i wish i didn't because it's evil

  15. Chess Battle advenced would get more likes than this

  16. Chess Battle advanced would get more likes than this

  17. Toad is just a stronger checkers piece that can eat 3 pieces at once if the opponent is horrible at the game

  18. Is he trying to bring more new players in? Does he want more newbs to grind? Is this ploy the real Chess Strategy Enhanced?

  19. 45:29 I love the series, but just remember that it is a fake threat square
    46:21 That I would lose to this with mlre than half of my repertoire is a testament to how much I suck
    52:01 And how good you are/bad they are

  20. why did i only just now find out this channel exists, i feel betrayed by youtube

  21. so many videos on chess, but no en passant so far

  22. 34:46 toad quadra kill mvp
    Over half an army in one turn and you're bashing the thing

  23. Am I only one who thinks that if it was a rogualike and not a competitive grindy stuff it can be a pretty good game?

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