Once Upon a Witchlight Ep. 47 | Feywild D&D Campaign | Plot of Greed

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  1. Okay when Gricko said between the deals I giggled so hard that’s a Prime reference and I can’t wait for the return of lore after October

  2. "Fellas? GID?!" concerned in canonically married❤❤

  3. Juniper the beautiful and adored is here! An owlbear queen!

  4. I did the thing and became a VIP ❤ for Chuckles 🎉

  5. Ran endtime through timewalking and was reminded that Martin Sheen ised to be his voice.



    I was sweating. Tearing up. Getting emotional. My chest hurt. I felt weak watching last episode unfold. Numb.

    That's when you know the story is good s#!t, when you get so emotionally invested in the story, you need to get drunk on peanut butter whiskey after watching a rough episode to sooth the pain.

    Great job guys, top notch as always.

  7. I was so scared that it was just over! I’m so happy it didn’t end like that.

  8. I smashed the like button so fast I'm pretty sure chuckles died again

  9. Kremy's waffles brings all the boys to the yard! :> So cute!

  10. I’m so happy this is not ending soon🩷🩷
    11:12 “FELLAS?? GID!?” It’s not ironic Kremy, admit it!!
    19:05 “really, right now??”…”WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MANY???” Best line so far
    36:57 I was just gonna say it😭😭
    39:08 Basically what Kremy said to gricko: “watch what you say to my fucking husband you piece of shit!”
    40:18 Kremy is gonna kill Gricko if Gideon doesn’t do it soon
    47:49 Kremy is the mom of the group and you can’t tell me other wise.
    1:18:43 Mace: trying to understand what gricko saw Mikey:😳 Mace 5 seconds later:🫖🫖🫖🫖🫖
    1:20:50 Mace. Where in the Burning Gator tail did. you get that pug mug?? I must know!!!
    1:24:00 KREMY CAN SPEAK DRACONIC??? WOAH!! (Gideons a lucky guy being married to a man that can speak draconic….I’m sorry I had to)
    1:33:45 Don’t take that out of context
    1:37:23 Gricko always forgets about Hootsie but he some how remembers!
    1:47:31 Well that’s now canon!
    1:48:16 Richies reaction to Gricko say that word I can’t spell:😨😨
    1:48:29 Richie: “WE GOTTA CUT ALL THIS🤣🤣” proceeds to do nothing
    1:51:55 Yes, if ur not drinking tea out of a huge jug, are you really drinking tea? To tea or not to tea😃
    1:56:54 Kremy don’t care about math, he cares about money and his husband and kid😃
    1:58:35 I thought Gideon and Kremy were gonna do the “HEHEHEHEHE” laughs🥲🥲
    1:59:46 god damn🤣🤣 poor torbek
    2:03:34 “No witnesses” 🤣 omg that’s the best!!
    2:09:48 now I see why Kremy likes Gideon🤣🤣🤣 I’m so sorry I had to!!!

  11. I absolutely love the chaos that ensues the moment Nikkie says literally ANYTHING 😂 love you guys please never change!

  12. Having watched a lot of Prime, I now think this campaign is 50 percent Mikey, Rich, and Andy exacting vengeance on Nikkie for years of Sylvie shenanigans. 😂

  13. I never thought I'd be so relieved to hear "Torbek is here." In my life. 😂 Well done gang. 👍

  14. I think Nikki taking away Mikey’s deez nuts jokes has lead to even more hilarious moments between him and Mace.

  15. You know frost the giant intelligent cat gettint the zoomies and exploding random critters brains feels accurate for a cat

  16. I hate you guys. The tpk really fucked my night at work yesterday 😢

  17. i hope they remember the wand that breaks fey packs. That it self, is a bargaining tool.

  18. 1:23:34 Nikki’s look of disgust at the mallo cup while Mace casts hideous laughter on himself for the millionth time and then smash cut to who knows how many minutes later…. The editing there was chef’s kiss

  19. Nikkie: "Can you just leave me and tall guys alone!?!?"
    Me: gurl same

  20. Here within one of the mushroom circles of Thither, we see our five heros within their natural state after waking up from possible death.

    Carnival Lecroux: “Let’s go to beat up Nib for money! But first, Kremy’s making waffles”!!!!

  21. Prescription for chronic beezleberry withdrawal by Dr. T. Mann😂

  22. Sounds like they used Torbek for animal testing.

  23. I was playing Animal Crossing while listening to this and when I heard Andy sneeze, I audibly said “Bless you” lmao

  24. Why do I get the sense that Frost had a grudge against Jarmey the the chipmunk? It was almost like he had a rivalry when he was a novice monk 😂😂

  25. Love how last session Mikey kept saying he and hootsy weren't completely dead and Nicki had to pretty much go up put a finger to his mouth and say "shhh…I said you dead, don't make it worse." Then this session she goes JK it's a dream.

  26. You guys have given me endless hours of entertainment and genuinely make my days better when I watch or listen. Don't ever stop what you do, and I look forward to what happens next.

  27. The silly shenanigans almost makes me laugh like Mace, but still laugh pretty hard

  28. I loved the chuckles impression could you do it plsssss. Every time I hear his voice it makes me laugh uncontrollably😂😂😂

  29. Nikkie… you are getting all of the bombastic side eyes, you deserve every single criminal offensive side eyes I was giving as I watched this episode. Im not sure if I want to get Crooked Moon after that stunt… "completes purchase"

  30. Episode 46 and 47 are in the wrong order on the playlist.

  31. I have a plan to help Gideon focus, just tell him only bitches don’t follow the plot. Also, Nikkie, waffle time is sacred, you do not rush waffle time.

  32. I came here after seeing the Instagram account so I am going to watch every video also chuckles is king

  33. Derek's humor is TOP TIER,. His monotone, subtle delivery just works for me every damn time

  34. OMG! Gideon! You can't just ask people if they are white!

  35. Finally caught up on this campaign, I suppose that's the only saving grace of my appendectomy. If you see this, I love you Torbeck, most relatable character by far 🖤.

  36. Well I'm officially caught up can't wait to watch the streams 🎉

  37. Love the body check to the sad realization he has no hat

  38. It makes me unreasonably happy that there's another episode of this

  39. The White Queen walks and the night grows pale
    Stars of lovingness in her hair
    Needing, unheard
    Pleading one word
    So sad, my eyes
    She cannot see

  40. What’s wrong with biting ice cream, I’m not waiting a minute every bite

  41. I'm one episode 21 and I'm here from the past to say hi, you've grown a lot I'll see you soon, no spoilers of course pls, HOW IS THIS STILL GOING THIS FAR.

  42. It’s the war of the roses over the little girl who’s basically a god

  43. I love the Louisianan Alligator troupe just ties in the chaos with a dapper demeanor but comical mannerisms and Gideon still to me being a fantasy Arthur Morgan and torbek trying to speak reason while frost and kremey just sat quietly while Gideon gets gaslit is had me on the floor

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