Oddly Satisfying Chess Sounds (no talking) ♔ ASMR

showing beautiful games from different eras, adjusting the pieces and tapping the board. High-end binaural microphone setup. You can support my work at


  1. 00:00 Hello and welcome (or as I like to call it: replay button)00:17 Greco vs. NN – 162004:06 Capablanca vs. Marshall – 191811:07 Harmon vs. Borgov – fictional20:02 ASMR Chess vs. NN – 201724:16 Pokimane vs. Negréanu – 202130:29 Wilson vs. Khare – 202133:20 Closing words

  2. I do like how, for the people who are not just here for the sounds, you clearly point out with gestures what the goal of certain moves is. Makes it easier to follow.

  3. gentle clinking intensifies
    Sounds very satisfying 😁

  4. Haven’t been playing chess for a while, this really makes me want to though! This makes me so sleepy 😴

  5. While I do like the chess sounds, I do prefer videos that with talking/whispeding. Nevertheless, this video may be usefull for when I want some background sounds while reading papers as talking/whispering as backround can be too distracting for me when trying to read complicated texts.

  6. I love your channel❗️Hopefully one day I be as great 😊

  7. I love this! Keep going please! Ngl Been using this to study

  8. Very interesting way to run through some good matches. I'd definitely enjoy more of these in the future.

  9. Algo comment ( i prefer when you give us chess lesson but the vid was ok)

  10. Perfect for today's evening stroll. Thank you good sir!

  11. Great new idea, I normally don't like ASMR without speaking but this just works (as do all your vids) 😉

  12. early! this was a really great idea, executed very well. thanks for making so many videos now, they’re always so good. it’s so wonderful to see this channel take off

  13. you should analyse the game Dido ASMR played the other day!!!

  14. :~ gentle tapping :~
    Translation: "So you have chosen… Death"

  15. One of the things I like the most of this channel is, besides chess, your voice. So I was a bit sad this is no talking… nice video nonetheless

  16. Some of the best visual ASMR I've seen in a while. Thank you!

  17. would like to hear more clacking of the pieces as well as the thump of them hitting the board. The sliding is nice but not as soothing.

  18. Nice video, but I missed your mellifluous voice and witty comments.

  19. Really like these game analysis videos, have you thought about covering some Bobby Fischer games? The Game of the Century might be interesting to see.

  20. The husky whining in the background makes this all the more endearing 😂

  21. Where did you get that chess set from

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