Oddly Satisfying Chess Sounds (no talking) ♔ ASMR

showing beautiful games from different eras, adjusting the pieces and tapping the board. High-end binaural microphone setup. You can support my work at


  1. Relaxing sleep inducing chess video.

    First game, a nail biting Fried Liver Attack.

  2. Holy shit, this is the definition of I didn't know I needed this. Thank you. If I may suggest a game, lasker capablanca saint Petersburg 1914 is a favorite of mine

  3. In ASMR Chess vs. NN – 2017, why wasn't hxg5 possible after Ng5?

  4. What are your pieces? I want to buy that pieces

  5. This, is what I call a proper ASMR. All those chewing, drinking, and other sounds actually disgust me, but this one is simply sounds of wood, nothing more. In addition, by showing the games of chess masters and gesturing their meaning, they're even educational for both normal people and chess players.
    Keep up with it, you have all my respect!

  6. Hey. At 6:47 wouldn’t queen to H1 be checkmate why did he bring in the bishop?

  7. Grecco was absolutely brilliant, he had a really deep understanding of chess considering his time.

  8. 18:55 whats that move isnt that illigal ( i am new to chess can somebody explain)

  9. Why are the chess pieces yelow and grean

  10. Nice one but got frustrated when black didnt play the traxler counter-gambit xd

  11. Are you left-handed by any chance? I notice you move the pieces more with that hand than the other

  12. lmao i get to analyze the game instead of sleeping XD

  13. ngl the capturing sound is soooo good

  14. Where can I buy a chess set like this?

  15. 4:45 illegal move or what ? Can't castle with the bishop ?

  16. I feel the captures could be a little softer, otherwise your videos are perfect

  17. Aaahh the way you zigzag the bishops back into their starting positions at the end of each game is pure satisfaction 😮

  18. Q coisa eu não posso mim escrever por causa do Limite de inscrição

  19. Yo how tf do we know that first game happened? That was like 400 years ago

  20. 양손가락으로 체스판 두드리는거 ㄹㅇ킹받네ㅌㅌㅋㅋㅋ

  21. This would be such a cool vinyl to own. Hearing the needle touch the record with the scrtch sounds as it transitions to chess pieces moving.

  22. Hi can you do more same chess systems like the one you did of the accelerated dragon

  23. that draw offer in the queen's gambit was the chess equivalent of rage-quitting

  24. I like these "No Talking" Videos………

  25. in Capablanca v Marshall game black moves into check, is this intentional?

  26. Came back for a retrospect on Pokimane’s game. While she may have lost, one cannot help but appreciate her crushing performance earlier in the game. Absolutely incredible

  27. In the first game I was excited because I thought it was going to he scotch game (my go to opening) but it wasn't lol

  28. I know im a bit late but I cant be the only one who comments about how at 4:44 is an illegal move because they just gave their king away

  29. Does any1 know what chess set he used in this video?

  30. It seems to me that the essence of these videos is slow relaxation, and after the opponent's move, a clear understanding of the strategy. What makes the brain "Wake up" afterwards. wow

  31. can somneone tell me why the harmon vs borgov game ended? im not that good at chess lol

  32. this is relaxing but also can show a bit of how chess is played

  33. 18:52 why the game is win for white ? black take the queen, and he have 1 queen for 1 tower + 1 bishop, he's winner

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