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Welcome to the Chess Steps Series, where I teach you various concepts on your road to being a superstar chess genius. This is Episode 1.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Game 1 vs 205
14:21 Game 2 vs 411
26:06 Game 3 vs 548
41:57 Game 4 vs 540

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  1. Yogadad is prob a 200 bc he has to resign 80% of his games bc his kids are fighting over who gets to put a screwdriver into the tire to make the minivan faster

  2. I gotta say that this is one of the best educational videos I've ever seen of chess. The way you talk about the game, the moves, the concepts, and how you share your knowledge in such an excited and passionate way really makes me appreciate the game more and want to become better! When I get discouraged in my skill after losing a few games in a row, your videos always give me new ideas and in a way, hope that this is just a game you can learn from. Thank you!

  3. Not trying to be rude, how can you be 200 if you got the daimond thing and actually care?

  4. i appreciate you watching ??? dude i couldnt even tell its been 50 minutes me watching chess you make it so fuckin interesting

  5. This kind of instructional format is so valuable—to be able to see how your mind evaluates the position constantly. Best thing I’ve seen online for a hack like me. Thank you.

  6. I’m 500 and just started and I feel like they play like 1500 😑 lol

  7. I'm not sure if you'll see this, but I have great openings memorized but blunder in the mid and sometimes end games a lot. How do I get better at the mid game????

  8. "But! I have this pawn!" the chess equivalent to the power of friendship

  9. I've been max 700 and everything below that is hilariously applicable

  10. thanks man now i can bully Martin with less problems

  11. 38:46 Don't wanna be that guy, but how is seeing "X is in line with Y" beyond anybody?

  12. So far, I’m at the 400 ELO match and as I’ve noticed, I’m too cautious with all of my pieces and make blunders even though I actually think long enough, I do want a dive but I don’t know if that’s a question I should be asking you Levy, but overall, I’m actually learning how to make sure not to blunder my pieces (I’m at 600 ELO, I’m watching the 400)

  13. I’m a noob! Thanks so much for all of your videos! I’m loving chess!

  14. Imagine You're one of the guys that thought I almost beat Gothamchess.. then watched this video u realized he's just making the game more challenging. 😂

  15. Thanks a lot levy for clearing my basics. After watching this video I learned a lot from u


  17. Is around 600 Not basic ? I started chess And been there imidiatly so of course can go down to 500 but are there many ppl on 0-300 elo !???

  18. Its funny that this is the first Video i watched from you and also the first time that i took Chess seriously ty 🙂

  19. Thank you for your videos. Currently under 400. Just won a game against a player rated close to 75 points higher using what I have learned from your videos. Thanks!

  20. He explains everything so well that I feel like I can do it, but no, not really!!!

  21. Yoga dad is going to turn out to be internet comment etiquette at some point…

  22. Even after just watching the first match I started playing 5 minute games and I’m now 400 elo when I was hard stuck at 200 I hope to improve even more as I have watched the other games too

  23. 28:00 Excuse me! I am rated 560 and I would still use my queen to take that. I am not afraid to use the queen. (And maybe that's why i keep loseing it for no damn reason XD)

  24. The 500 elo he plays with just did horrible, but when they play against me they do 75+ accuracy moves

  25. Learning chess for competition bcz I can't play very well in physical games
    And senior foced us to take participation

  26. it's always those pieces from far away that come back to screw each other over

  27. 51:30 didnt the black rook miss out on a check mate here? rook to h1, or am I wrong?

  28. Can't thank you enough! I work crazy shifts and can't spare time for an in person coach. The fact this is free is so kind of you. Thank you for helping me play better!

  29. Starting my chess Journey!! Woot woot!!🎉

  30. Great video. I will try to improve. I'm stuck around 600. I don't look far enough ahead. Like one move would be a start.

  31. I swear these guys are sandbagged. When I play 400-500 players I can honestly comfortably win even while doing a ware-opening with a double bong cloud on top.

  32. Yogadad really played so well,keep doing yoga while playing chess sir.

  33. I love the way he's pretending as a new player in lower elo.

  34. How does it judge the ELO, does it start you default at around 500? Ive only played a few matches, and i suck but im elo 500…

  35. There is no way that first guy is a 200, that last queen move before being checkmated is a move that would ALWAYS win games at his level because similar players would just cap the rook greedily, missing the queen-rook mate completely.

  36. You are the most pragmatic, down to earth instructor I have seen in my 65 years of stealing oxygen from the air! Masterful teaching!

  37. does anyone know how he does the arrow thingy

  38. I feel so sorry for the guy who missed that bishop move. Must've kicked himself so hard

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