*NEW* FPS Chess Game Mode

We play FPS Chess versus my friends!

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Play FPS Chess!

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  1. Don’t retreat that is a bad thing to do


  3. They are called: juicer, juicer, juicer,juicer,juicer and king

  4. Gary in sunny and beautiful of so so good

  5. the game looks fun I'm a fan of you and my name is Walker and I love your videos they're so cool and bye and I hope you have a good day and I hope you hit a million subscribers so have a great time bye

  6. Pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, the queen, and the king are the pieces

  7. My dad subscribed to you so I dabbed on my mom.

  8. pawn, king, queen, knight, bishop and the rook

  9. Hey ssundee can you give a link of the game

  10. это что шахматы

  11. the king is literally only slightly better than a pawn in chess, he shoulda just castled

  12. I thought the pawns gun was a stick at first😂😂😂😂

  13. 0:45 Ssundee opened potential checkmate with his first move😐

  14. where is part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. the front's are pond's the horse are knight's the 2 chess piece's which are close to the queen and king are called bishop then the back cornor are rook's and the one which next to the king on the left or right is the queen the bishop can do like a zizag or something the rook can go front and left or right only he can move when a pond or something is not blocking he's viev the queen is like the bishop but can move like the king and change's the color of the squares for the queen's movement your welcome to example chess ssundee if your reading this also im a fan
    sorry if i put wrong words

  16. This makes chess games like, 100x longer… And chess CAN be a very long game to begin with…

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