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We play FPS Chess versus my friends!

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  1. Pawn is the most OP cuz if it reach the end you can choose what role you want it to be like the queen, bishop, knight, and the last the rook

  2. The chess piece that can call minions is called a daughter if I remember

  3. do more games then just among us its boring now please

  4. I love chess as soon as I sore this I screamed

  5. If this was a real game, they would have blundered so much

  6. King is the weakest he’s on the board week Arizona upon

  7. Pawn,bishop,king,queen,castle,knight and yeh I pretty sure that’s it

  8. he still hasn't played the winner I think Gary wins then ssundee wins the tournament

  9. ขวัญชนก เจ็งศิริ says:

    The unknown thing you didn't know was a bishop

  10. The bottom right and left corner are the rooks the 2nd bottom right and left are the bishops the 3rd bottom right and left corner are knights the middle bottom right is the king and middle bottom left is the queen the ones in front of all of them are pawns

  11. I love playing chess ssundee لےفھفگدےدترفےفی

  12. They said like the video if you like Gary. 185k likes, 5,470,151 views, Nobody likes Gary 💀

  13. The cross is the king the castle is the rook

  14. I bet I could try to beat ssundee because I have this game

  15. What is this chess game called I really want to play it

  16. 2:16 The piece that looks like the castle is called a rook, the horse is a knight, the piece with a little mouth is a bishop, the tall piece with a crown is a queen, and the tall piece with a + on its head is called a king

  17. Fun fact, this is the only game where the moves in this game is more than every grain of sand in the world.

  18. The "castles" are rooks, the "horses" are knights, and the diagonal moving ones are bishops.

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