Names of Chess Pieces

King – The most important piece on the board, the king can move one square in any direction.

Queen – The most powerful piece, the queen can move diagonally, horizontally, or vertically any number of squares.

Rook – Also known as a castle, the rook can move horizontally or vertically any number of squares.

Bishop – The bishop moves diagonally any number of squares.

Knight – The knight moves in an L-shape, two squares in one direction and then one square perpendicular to that.

Pawn – The least powerful piece, the pawn can only move forward one square at a time, except for on its first move when it can move two squares forward. Pawns capture diagonally one square forward. Pawns can also promote to another piece if they reach the opposite end of the board.


  1. King- K I N GQueen – queenBishop-bishop😅Knight- horseRook- Elephant Pawn-por-

  2. These are the real names. Shah ( king) , Farzin (Minister), Pil (Elephant), Asp (Horse), Ghal'e ( castle) , sarbaaz ( soldier) .

  3. Names of chess pieces in Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷1. “Rei”.2. “Rainha” but you can also call it “Dama”.3. “Bispo”.4. “Cavalo”.5. “Torre”.6. “Peão”.

  4. me stupid ass thought it was knight and horse 😭

  5. Name in Filipino

    1. Hari
    2. Reyna
    3. Obispo
    4. Kabalyero
    5. Tore
    6. Sangla

  6. The chess pieces names in Persian:
    King, Minister, Elephant :/ , Horse, face, Soldier.


  8. 1.Raja 2.rani3.mandhiri4.குதிரை5.யானை6.சிப்பாய்Idhu than true 😅😅😅

  9. King can moved horizontally, vertically or diagonally with 1 square.
    Queen can Moved horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
    Bishop can moved as diagonal.
    Knight can move as 2 spaces, so its a letter 'L'.
    Rook can moved horizontally or vertically. moved castle Forward.
    or a Pawn move 1 or 2 squares.

  10. What i thought they were
    King – King
    Queen – Queen
    Bishop – Knight (IT HAS KNIGHT SHAPE)
    Knight – Horse (its a horse)
    Pawn – Pawn

    Checker – Downgraded Knight

  11. King queen bishop are the era of high-half middle school
    Knight rook and pawn are the era of half middle school. elementary school

  12. How I name them (idea from @thecringekid1321)

    King- VIP
    Bishop-Secret sniper

  13. king, minister, camel, horse and a elephant

  14. Who just finished watching queen gambit

  15. Bro it is very helpful for me and this like youPut many videos thankyou bro thankyou 🎉

  16. Movements:♔/♚/king: moves 1 space vertically, horizontally or diagonally.♕/♛/queen: moves any spaces vertically, horizontally or diagonally.♗/♝/bishop: moves any spaces diagonally.♘/♞/knight: moves 2 spaces horizontally then 1 space vertically, or 2 spaces vertically then 1 space horizontally, and jumps over any piece in between that path.♖/♜/rook: moves any spaces horizontally or vertically.♙/♟/pawn: moves 1 space forwards if there's nothing in front of it, if it's the first move of the pawn, in that case it's allowed to move 2 spaces forwards if there's nothing in front of it, pawns can only take 1 space diagonally forwards and may not take directly forwards, and pawns may not take 2 spaces diagonally. If a pawn moved 2 spaces in such way that an enemy pawn could take if it had only moved 1 space, it can still take like if it only moved one space; This is called En Passant. En Passant can only be preformed the turn right after the pawn moved those 2 spaces.That's everything. Thank you for your time.

  17. The rooks are supposed to be bigger than bishops in terms of size

  18. Can I tell you guys of worth of these pieces?

  19. Thanks, we are learning about chessAnd idk what they look becuz i forgor

  20. How I name the chess piecesKing – the Holy (because the king has a cross)Queen – kitchen (if you know you know)Bishop – the PopeKnight – horse (because yes)Rook – the chad Pawn – por-

  21. Idk what the point if this was but thank you

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