Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok “From CHESS”

From the album CHESS THE ORIGINAL RECORDING by Benny Andersson, Tim Rice and Björn Ulvaeus. Featuring Tommy Korberg, Murray Head and Elaine Page.
Listen to the full album here:

Music video by Murray Head performing One Night In Bangkok. (C) 1984 3 Knights Ltd., Under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB



  1. Now,in my opinion, this was a good song,I believe this was around 83.

  2. When I was 50, were you 20?
    I'm not mad at you
    Take care of yourself
    I'm not "bleeped" any longer.
    Take care of yourself
    I dedicate the line of a They Might Be Giants song to you eternally: " I don't understand you"
    Be careful
    Thank you for your friendship and for your help.

  3. ❤❤❤❤❤top muito bom ouvir hoje ❤❤❤❤

  4. Well. if one likes this song one should see the musical "chess" in which this song is from. And as a post note the music was written by the two guys behind the Swedish band ABBA along with Tim Rice.

  5. awesome song, i still cant believe his brother is anthony head aka rupert giles from buffy the vampire slayer! tho that explains ruperts awesome singing voice!

  6. So, where is this Tirolean spa? If they play this music there, I have got to find it.

  7. Faust - The Guild of Paranormal Theology says:

    The missionary's theme

  8. If you watch their chess pieces moves you start laughing! Very high level of play.

  9. With " Say it ain't so" Murray head and his co workers gold medal in Olympic poetry contest !

  10. How did I…..never know….this song was about chess?

  11. I’d let you watch I would invite you…but the queens we use would not excite you !

  12. Peligro intangible disoluto no quiero ser interdicto los interdictos en particular declarado interdicto no hay besos de chilenas con la otra interdiccion no tengo compromiso desconbijado ningun relato

  13. The moment I got off the plane and walked thru the airport I felt I entered a different space and time.
    I felt a heavy weight….than I saw the statue outside the airport doors and I knew why.
    I wanted to get the hell out of this place ASAP!

  14. Old Gunmen Never-Die, They just-buy a-brand-new Sturm-Ruger, Three-Fifty-Seven………………

  15. What’s so special abt Bangkok? I didn’t see it there

  16. Mi pais mitad mundo mitad universo es linea equinoccial Ecuador lo que pasa norye en sur este oeste diente vive mutad mundo.mi pais bello

  17. Cuatro puntos cardinales cuatro oceanos cuatro continentes mitad America el resto empinado a los lados norte asu eso es todo

  18. Yo el deivi un chaval de Carabanchel gané jugando a el ajedrez a mi profesor de lenguaje y francés en mi colegio el lope de vega a don Jesús Hilario tundidor un amigo y un camarada como yo mismo un gran poeta español y fue director de el colegio. Pero yo no pude estudiar por circunstancias de mi vida y trabajo.

  19. The queens he uses wouldnt excite you so go back to bars and TEMPLES, massage parlors? There are whores in Thai temples too?😄

  20. Siam's gonna be the witness To the ultimate test of cerebral fitness

  21. I love Raul Esparza as a ADA, but his version of this sucks. His voice just doesn't hold up to this guy

  22. Man, walking through turnstile at airport sideways, likely going to Bangkok 😂

  23. Un cancion muy cultura chima Americano voz musica muy buena mezcla sonido

  24. Thai people like: "…wth did I just watch?" XD

  25. Mike Tyson his version is good in the hangover 😂

  26. Супер композиция!!!

  27. Senmenterio cuando hsy plagas como virus mas muere humano hay incinerar no enterrar cuerpo tocico mas bombs nuclear

  28. Im only watching the game, controlling it

  29. A short life happy and free is better than a long life miserable and governed

  30. One night in Bangkok, one unique song, one incredible competition, one brilliant thoughtful lyrics,,,,, ABBA sounds had its finest moments.

  31. One night in Bangkok -> ten doses of penicillin, if you're lucky.

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