Me learning a new chess opening

Made by @HarrisAlterman

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  1. This is exactly why I never get better at chess

  2. In case y’all were wondering, that was fried liver

  3. Plz activate my account i wont leave again, ong

  4. This is the reason i dont try and learn openings lmfao

  5. I'm new to chess … my question is … should I really learn openings? And follow them … because now I'm just playing free .

  6. I learned about the kings pawn opening, thinking that it's the best. Turns out majority of bots use it…

  7. The only opening I know is the Wayward Queen Attack: Botez Gambit variation.

  8. My for you page is all just chess

  9. This is me when I first learned scolars mate 🤣

  10. Exactly what happened when I learned the london 😭😭😭

  11. Levi: learn your openings, that's why you bad at chess, you have met this opening, go and learn about it

  12. I learned queens gambit and they never accept it- 💀

  13. aren't you supposed to learn the fried liver when you're 7

  14. That's legit me after learning a new opening

    Next match-scotch

  15. ‘How the argument in my head will go 😎’

  16. What should a 500 rated do? Should I just keep playing rapid? Should I study openings? please reply ASAP. I have a chess contest to join next month just for experience/fun and I want to improve a lot right now before the contest.

  17. me personally playing chess is fun that's all there is.

  18. I play the Fried Liver. As a person who plays the Fried Liver, I never get to play the Fried Liver. STOP PLAYING THE GIUOCO PIANO GAME. ahem. Thank you.

  19. so damn relatable or I would either forget what to move when it got followed through

  20. Me doing the légal trap when they took my knight instead of my queen:

  21. I legit tried to play the englund gambit (fairly recently learned opening) against e4, which is wrong. Im now in a losing position.

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