Making a Chess Board and All of Its Pieces – Including the Horse, the Castle, and the Pointy One!

Making a Chess Board and its Pieces. Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code FOUREYES

In this video I am building a chess board that could also be a cutting board if you felt like it. I made a couple chess boards a few years ago, and always wanted to do a new version and improve some aspects from my original design, so that is exactly what I did. There are a lot of interesting techniques in this one including, checkerboard veneers, mitered frames, cross lap joints, and more.

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  1. We get a lot of comments on this video about Shaun referring to the pieces as "the Horse, the Castle, and the Pointy One". Some people think he is serious (probably a vocal minority)… well let me just clear the air. He 100% thinks they are called the Horse, the Castle, and the Pointy One. I haven't had the heart to correct him, and all of your commenting won't help as he can't read, and doesn't know how to operate a computer. For the record, he also refers to the Queen, King, and Pawns, as the Mom, the Dad, and the Babies respectively.

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