Magnus Carlsen’s Favorite Chess Player 😜

In 2018 World chess championship, when somebody asked Magnus carlsen, who is his favorite player from the past then as expected, magnus gives a very intresting reply. enjoy.

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  1. Its not arrogance, its normal for adults. I don't understand people who for example adore football players and similar.
    Children has Idols, Not adults

  2. He objectively assessed who played the best chess, so …

  3. Eh, he’s just jumping on the Magnus bandwagon like everyone else

  4. Magnus has 33. Maybe his fav changed: MC like 1y ago? GOAT!

  5. He is just honest and he thinks logically and objectively

  6. He's definitely narcissistic, still haven't decided if he earned it or not tho lol

  7. It comes off as a joke but he’s dead serious

  8. That's a nice build-up, no wonder he's the bestπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Well when you're the best at something why would you idolize someone who was never as good as you?

  10. When you're #1 it isn't pride or arrogance. It's fact.

  11. Best chess players:
    #2: Magnus Carlsen
    #1: 23 year old Magnus Carlsen

  12. Gotta love Magnus 🀣 😊❀

  13. Look at guy's arrogance, he thinks he is magnus carlson😏

  14. He is the best that ever lived. He is crazy with it. So many levels above others.

  15. As a heterosexual man i must admit i love this guy

  16. This shows that he got skills to backed up his statement.
    A truly amazing player.

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