Magnus Carlsen’s Endgame vs. Hikaru Nakamura’s Speed

The greatest speed chess players in history play each other in World Blitz Championship! Join @DanielNaroditskyGM for this episode featuring @GMHikaru and @themagnuscarlsen playing a Scotch Game in 2014!

Check out the game:

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  1. We used to complain about boring “grandmaster draws”. Nothing boring about these games.

  2. can someone explain me why he didnt take magnus queen with pawn? and save his own queen??

  3. Nice to look back to a time when Hikaru was an actual chess player

  4. It’s quite amazing that Magnus has somehow managed to get a draw out of that situation. That’s why he’s the world champion

  5. a perfect example a good commentary can make anything high octane

  6. Danya had me on the edge of my seat! incredible commentating

  7. 2:42 the way he just commentates Magnus drinking is hillarious xD

  8. great players and an exellent commentater (Daniel Naroditsky).

  9. Those last 10 seconds are like an anime battle 💀

  10. I’m surprised they allow coke… it’s a stimulant

  11. amaziiinnggg commentator. I'm not really into chess that much and this was entertaining as hell

  12. young carlsen and naka!! time goes fast 🙄

  13. Just curious , why did magnus take the knight with the pawn instead of the queen ? Both attacked the original black knight ?

  14. Wait stalemate ? Draw what happened lmao idk chess.

  15. Can anyone tell me why the clock adds time at the end?

  16. Why aint hikaru use his knight to eat the pawn and then counter the Queen eating his knight by using his rook @2:25 ?

  17. how is certain move adding time back on the clock?

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