Magnus Carlsen Solves Chess Positions WITHOUT Seeing The Pieces

Magnus Carlsen’s brain is MASSIVE! Fellow GM David Howell tried to stump Magnus with different famous chess positions and Magnus got NEARLY EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

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  1. the last one is so funny because just before this i was watching him review the exact game HAHAHAH

  2. The board overlay should match the orientation of the live board.

  3. I love when he apologizes after realizing he picked a game magnus didn't recognize, lol

  4. The fact that the best futbol players and the best chess players are all the same age:20-30 and chess is literally the most calmest game ever while football is just injuries and competitiveness.

  5. Imagine this kind of disparity in the physical domain. Most of us can bench press 100-and-some pounds, some guys can bench up to a few hundred….then along comes one guy who can bench press a trillion tons, and run at 0.95 times the speed of light. It's just beyond imagination.

  6. I see many comments saying that magnus isn't human its funny that they didn't know that magnus is an alien ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. It has been discovered that Magnus has alien DNA with the brain to match…not of this planet. It is a joy to watch him.

  8. The funny part is he actually seemed quite disappoint that he didn't get the queen's gambit one. What a machine

  9. "He's human" oh yeah he just has every real game memorised and doesn't have fake ones memorised, how weird. so human of him. Dude's a fucking robot. After seeing this video I'm starting to think he's stockfish.

  10. As you play more, you remember more positions with ease. Not nearly to this level but if you play the same game thousands of times, youโ€™re bound to crystallize some of that knowledge in your head.

  11. im not a chess player , but is this normal?

  12. IQ 93456..or more, or more!!

  13. I wonder how his spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, and memory are for non-chess activities. Would love to see the results of him doing a cognitive test.

  14. Tf i dont remember the position i played 10 mins ago and this machine is getting a move sequence from a game 25years old

  15. wtf are those hockey puck air tag things??? ๐Ÿคฃ

  16. How can someone remember his every game

  17. How hard would this be for your average professional or even serious amateur player? Trying to understand from the perspective of one more involved in the chess community

  18. now we can understand why Magnus is the nr 1.

  19. Wtf man and I can't even remember what I studied a week ago let alone the content of what I studied

  20. It is called a photographic memory.

  21. Magnus is the biggest Chad who ever lived. I am just continually in awe.

  22. This fucking guy I swear to God
    No wonder he always looks bored, he reminds of that depressed robot from The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.
    Hell, now that I made that connection my brain is always gonna think of him as Marvin Carlsen lmao

  23. What is impressive to me is that he is so quickly able to recognize that this is a game hes never seen…

  24. even for magnus this looks too good , but it is not ๐Ÿคฃ

  25. I beat 5 year old Magnus in his chess app once.

  26. If I had this memory, I would have made it far in life lol

  27. Next year, they won't even distinguish the colors.

  28. Magnus is obviously cheating. You can see at 3:56 that he's glancing at the graphics. Smh my head.

  29. Iโ€™d love to be this good at something

  30. dude there's like 5 pieces on the board from a netflix show and he's supposed to recognize it based on their anonymized positions? ….. seriously

  31. I wouldnt even beat magnus in a chess game without any pieces even though I could just make up shit in my mind

  32. His mind is otherworldly thank god he uses it for a game

  33. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen

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