Magnus Carlsen Ranks Bobby Fischer: Genius, Entertaining, Influence, Sanity


  1. When he went on to rate his sanity I went from 😁 to 💀

  2. U r a fucking cheater ! How dare u Mister ?!

  3. What a whit ratings !!
    Sometimes i feel like this dude only good on chess board 😅

  4. Comparing Bobby Fischer to other chess champions is like comparing Mohammed Ali to other boxing champions. In his time, EVERYBODY knew who Bobby Fischer was. He transcended the game.

    Btw, is it fair to have a sanity category?😅

  5. Just imagine if bobby had all the resource today at his prime..not even magnus can came close.

  6. Bobby Fischer is a beast and an absolute legend.

    People overrate Bobby Fischer highly because he's an American.

    Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky (an Underrated Legend) who is not a top ten player of all time.

    Bobby Fischer would have not beaten Anatoly Karpov, many people are not ready to this quite part loud.

    To me Bobby Fischer is in the same league of legends as Jose Raul Capablanca and Alexander Alkhine but not in the same league as Garry Kasparov or Magnus Carlsen.

    Magnus Carlsen is ridiculously good and Garry Kasparov had amazing appetite for confrontation and winning.

  7. What does sanity mean in the context of chess ?

  8. If Bobby gets a 9 in influence idk who gets a 10

  9. Love that me and magnus write 7 the same way

  10. Capablanca has and still holds the record for the best accurate player according to engines dude get that one right.

  11. Lmao Fischers historic Elo is higher than magnus' will ever be, yet he's not a genius? Cope, magnus

  12. Totally unbiased opinion from champion to champion 🤠

  13. There is diffrence
    He couldnt study your or kasparovs games but you can study his

  14. Magnus has roughly 24 players within 130 points of his rating..the second closest to Fischer wss 130 points.. Fischer's total demolishing of all the greatest players en route ti defeating Spassky on his own under tremendous pressure against the force of the Soviet state exceeds anything any player before or since has done and isn't likely yo ever be equaled.. watching magnus play chess is the equivalent of kissing your sister..yuck..boring, bland, zero creativity, and all his computers and theory.. there is no comparison.. Fischer is the greatest chess player who ever lived

  15. I didn't expect this stupidity from magnus, what a joke.

  16. Bobby Fischer was 10/10 sanity. You only need to turn off the television and look around you to see it's the world that is 0/10 sanity.

    Also, 9/10 genius – only rivaled by Morphy at how he dominated his peers over the board. And 10/10 influence. Not only did he single-handedly create a chess boom, but he also invented the most popular chess variant and the most popular chess clock in use today.

    8/10 for entertainment seems fair. He had some entertaining games, but Tal for instance was known for his flashy style while Fischer is mostly known as a strong player who was adept at playing correct moves.

  17. Magnus Carlson arrogance level rating, I give him a 10 out of 10.

  18. Magnus Carlson is jealous. Bobby would beat him soundly.

  19. Let’s be flat out candid here… Bobby is MJ of the chess game. You’ve got some giants who held their own for sure…but Bobby, like MJ were on another planet with their respective skills.

  20. Politics/Opinion on who controls us: 10/10

  21. Bro😂 you could not stand Fischer..

  22. The disrespect from Magnus, Fisher would destroy him with the tools they have at their disposal today.

  23. Superman Magnus doesn't know what a Genius is. Bobby created 960 chess. That is what the chess world says. Magnus just knows 1 position in chess. Who decided that the Queen and King be in the Centre of the board. FISCHER made the game of chess last for chess player to Grandmaster 960 different position. Magnus your world champion only in one position. Call me and I will prove to you this statement.

  24. Hahha yeah sure Magnus, lets have Bobby memorize stockfish and alpha zero and engine koves like you do all the time and then see..

  25. In no other sport could a world champion disrespect his predecessors in this way and get away with it!

  26. Bobby is a genius who invent the random chess ♟️ and no one can compere with him
    also Magnus is best on this era but is gelosy is big

  27. This is like c Ronaldo saying that pele wasn’t really great, it’s disrespectful and you need to take the time into consideration. Bobby is a legend and a genius in his time.

  28. normies really out here theorizing whether Bobby or Magnus dunks on the other one. this is not a shonen anime. Magnus has indefinitely more credibility than any of you on the subject

  29. Bobby Fisher is like Dave Chapelle and Kanye West had a baby and neither of them remember giving birth, but it happened. Disappeared from the scene, odd comedy club appearances .. you know. Kanye part is where he said and did some stuff that got him into trouble and started a bad PR hit job on him, and maybe most of it was true, but you know how things go – if your playing within the lines they leave you alone and if not then they start to propagate a different narrative. Similar to Dave I guess. Oh and the genius of both.

    Anyway can’t compare Magnus and Fisher – one is less than half the age of the other – meaning they grew up in different times. Both have great influence on the game, but in Bobbys day things hit differently – there’s really fast and far reaching internet now. No need to fly to a sanctioned country to play a game of chess or make babies where the kids aren’t yours because you love love love.

  30. Let me first start off by saying I Love Magbus ❤. You need to rate more people please.. and second I dont study my opponents moves i study my moves.. Magnus I wish to see more ratings

  31. Had Fischer grown up with computers like this generation he would've beaten every last single one of these Super GMs. Fischer was a self taught genius.

  32. Bobby is insane, hed crush magnus, ive seen magnus lose stupidly and a lot… never seen bobby lose at all, maybe because he went insane and stopped playing chess when he was about magnus rating 2900 hmmm

  33. Magnus is stupid, how can he give points on god of chess😂

  34. If yoj Played again His Prime he has Beaten you Easly , those Days You Living you have Support from Technology Carlsen , He is the Greatest of all time , forget it you could beat him he Scored in 1960 over 2850 😉

  35. Magnus as the genius himself facing fischer genius he wouldnt put him in his rightfull place that magnus would put himself in, fischer is higher genius than 7 if not higher than even carlson

  36. I think magnus is afraid of the fischer random chess version, Where magnus cannot use his memorization skill. That's why he is downgrading bobby

  37. The comments here remind me why I don't usually read youtube comments.

  38. Bobby of course better than this kido 😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Literally every world champion level chess player sanity: 5 or below

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