Magnus Carlsen DESTROYS the FASTEST CHESS PLAYER in Bullet

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Magneto teaching the penguin who’s boss

Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess player who has been dominating the game for over a decade. He became a grandmaster at the age of 13, the second youngest in history at the time, and quickly established himself as a rising star in the world of chess. In 2013, Carlsen won the World Chess Championship and has since defended his title multiple times, solidifying his position as one of the greatest players of all time.

Carlsen is known for his exceptional skill in the fast-paced bullet chess format, where he regularly defeats other top players in high-pressure matches. He has been compared to legendary chess players such as Garry Kasparov and Bobby Fischer for his strategic abilities and quick-thinking, earning him the respect and admiration of his peers. His greatest rival in the chess world is American player Hikaru Nakamura, against whom he has had many intense battles.

In addition to his impressive track record in competitive chess, Carlsen is also known for his willingness to take on challenges outside of the traditional chess world. He has played chess against artificial intelligence and has even competed in the World Blitz and Rapid Championships, where he won multiple gold medals. With his natural talent and dedication to the game, Carlsen continues to be a dominant force in the world of chess and a true legend in the sport.


  1. He is talented. Can become a good player when he is tall.

  2. 🎶I'm representin' for them gangstas all across the world🎶

  3. That low quality music in the background makes it way better😂

  4. This is just reckless and a bad example for kids out there.

  5. He putting party music and playing chess 😂

  6. 好像王天一,可能下棋牛的都长这样

  7. It looks like magnus missed taking the Queen with a rook. It was pinned to the king. Am I missing something?

  8. How do we know that he is the the Fastest Player?

  9. Do i miss something but at 0:47 shouldnt white have moved horse to C7 and forked both magnus towers+ threat the queen if magnus take the horse!

    Why is it always so bad players he play against, that dont even see the double fork+ threat on the Queen!

    That move would have won white the game, but instead he move horse to C3, and loose the game!

  10. Low-budget set-up Magnus is one hell of a player to play against.

  11. This video gives me the vibes of a video recorded in 2013 or a film where a player is so good at playing chess "casually" that his talent is recognized by big organizations and from there he gets invited to tournaments, becomes famous and finally a legend.

  12. The missile knows where it is because it knows where it isn't

  13. Yo legend listening to tobu's song (1st song – Seven)

  14. When I realized at 2:05 that Magnus was listening to Savant, that made me love him even more. Geniuses meet in their respective field

  15. He can improve in chess he has a good scope in future if he work hard on his chess

  16. That Dr Drunkenstein is pretty good at the game.

  17. There should be a live chat where you can see their verbal reaction

  18. This Magnus is quite good. Looks like a pro.

  19. Magnus chessed me before mate was an option.

  20. It's easy when you now every trick there is

  21. Who's the guy in the background, under the chandelier?

  22. Every time i see a Magnus video, I instantly open my chess app, start a game, blunder my queen, close the app then come back to YT to watch more videos for Magnus.

  23. Bullet format is stupid. Yes I know there is such awe in making accurate and fast moves but anything lower than 2 mins is just anathema to chess' existence.

  24. Im the fastest chess player but i always lose though

  25. bros drinking beer listening to Dr Dre annihilating GMs at bullet

  26. Magnus is just like me i bulleted everyone in my school somehow they couldnt get up

  27. Wow that knight e6 move he calculated just within 5 seconds at 3:00, crazy stuff

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