Levy Rozman Screaming THE ROOOOK compilation

A compilation of Levy Rozman, GothamChess, screaming THE ROOOKKK and other things for 1 min straight!

Enjoy 😂


  1. GothamChess bringing WWE into chess by sacrificing THE STEEL CHAIR

  2. Somebody get that man a medal this is golden

  3. GothamChess, the king of chess,

    His skills and strategies, we can't contest,

    He plays the game, with such finesse,

    Every move, a calculated process.

    But there's a move, that few can make,

    A sacrifice, that's a bold mistake,

    The Queen, the most powerful piece,

    Sacrificed, for a win, to increase.

    With a stroke of the hand, he makes the move,

    Sacrificing the Queen, the crowd in a groove,

    A gasp, a shock, a moment of awe,

    As he outwits his opponent, with a chess master's draw.

    For GothamChess, the Queen sacrifice,

    Is a calculated risk, that few can surmise,

    It's a move that takes, a master's skill,

    And he's got it, and always will.

    The Queen, the most powerful piece,

    Sacrificed, for a win, that will never cease,

    And though it seems, like a reckless play,

    It's a calculated risk, that leads the way.

    So let's watch in awe, as GothamChess plays,

    A true master, of the game, in all ways,

    For with every move, he outsmarts his foes,

    And sacrifices, to keep his crown, in his own chose.

  4. This collection is gonna add the nepo-ding game 3😂

  5. we have two pieces to never get a scream

  6. The rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook

  7. So when he sacrafices THE QUEEEN he is a chess genius but when I do it I'm "a criminal" and "under arrest for the murder of the Queen of England"

  8. I cant wait until we get the legendary king sacrifice.

  9. Idk why but "the ROOOOOK" just sounds so much more satisfying than any of the others. Maybe you can just get a better grunt from the O sound.

  10. It's so funny that professional chess players share a common disregard for the material value of their rooks.😂

  11. He sacrifices…

  12. Most power behind it: THE ROOOOOOK

    Sounds really unique and cool: THE BISHOP

    Sounds the best: THE QUEEEEEEEEN

  13. Does someone have the original clip of the sequence starting at like 0:27?

  14. At some point, he will sacrifice The KIIIING!!!!

  15. Waiting for the day when he will sacrifice the kingggggggggg😂😂😂

  16. At this point i think chess is just a giant joke to force levy to scream ŢĤÈ ŔØŐỌÒĶ

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