Levy Finds A Brilliant Move!!

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  1. i took E4 SACRIFICING THE QUEENNNNN ( explains why)(few moves later) RH8 SACRAFICING THE ROOK (explains why)

  2. If black takes with knight the queen
    Rook h8# checkmate

  3. The kid was a really good sport and played really well. He'll probably grow up to even become a master!

  4. how tf didnt that kid take levy queen with a knight

  5. Why didn’t the kid just take the queen with his knight when he got checked?

  6. Why didn’t the kid take the queen? I never understand brilliant moves

  7. why he moves Ra8? if he can just capture with Bxc6 then continue checkmate attack

  8. Why didnt the short guy took the queen 💀💀💀💀

  9. Have you ever seen a NON SACRIFICE brilliant move

  10. Why didn’t black take the queen with the knight ?

  11. Why was king h2 a blunder? Is it just because of the pawn?

  12. why he didn't take the queen by his horse instead of sacrificing his rook?

  13. I dont get why he can't just take queen with the knight 😂😂

  14. The king's pawns should not have been moved. I see it now protecting a vital square, moving king's pawn opened for counter attack on the king and also made the king weaker.

  15. That kid found that out so quickly!!
    I would have said :- thanks for the free queen💀

  16. Bf6 would be better move but of course, the point of playing chess is sacifricing the ROOKKKKkkKKKKKK

  17. The knight watching the queen giving check 🗿🗿🗿🌲

  18. The kid didn't take the queen with his knight

  19. Why didn't he take queen by knight……..

  20. Black is forced to capture the queen with the knight. Then Levy can sacrifice… THE ROOK!!! On H8 the king needs to capture, and the bishop and knight control all otherwise legal squares…

  21. Why did he win there was no check or mate yet

  22. The real question that I didn't see in the comments is: "what's the winning line for blacks?"

  23. Took me a good 5 seconds to realize. This is why I'm a 700 rated scrub.

  24. Me: brO jUsT taKE tHE QUeeN wItH The KniGhT!!

  25. I actually think the second move is more sophisticated. If I had like half a minute I could find that first brilliant, but the second move, the room sacrifice to get the king to a square where the Knight is pinned and the took can be taken, that's advanced shit.

  26. I used to go to school with tani I have the bragging right to say I checkmated him once before he became good.

  27. For who doesn't understand if you take the Queen with the knight it would be a flawless checkmate

  28. you know he is an amazing player when he celebrates for opponent brilliant move

  29. Why is the black kid playing as black, I smell some racism

  30. Levy sacrificed the rook for nothing, he could've taken the rook with his knight

  31. He could have eat the queen with a horse right? or I'm hallucinating 🤯

  32. Tani is a gem 💎 in a desert. Not because of his chess skills but because of his skin color.

  33. why dint he take the queeen

  34. Why didn't he took the queen with the knight when queen took 1st knight??

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