Learn the Secrets of Positional Play with GM Alexander Goloshchapov | 🔴 LIVE

Renowned chess trainer Aleksander Goloshchapov, known for his impact on Indian chess, has created 10 Indian Grandmasters. Some of them are – Sethuraman, Vaibhav Suri, Ankit Rajpara, Aditya Mittal and the latest GM of the country Aditya Samant. Goloshchappov will be on ChessBase India on 16th of September 2023 at 12.30 p.m. IST as he discusses the subject of Positional play. It will be a livestream and you can take part in it and answer the questions posed to you and we are sure that you will learn a lot.

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  1. The guy asking all the points to think about before every move, is such core representation of our education system. Our exam focused system and coaching industry have got students used to a practice that someone will do all the hardwork for them- they will study a vast topic and then summarise the most key points for someone to remember or study. Something like fast food – 'ready to study' kind of material. But that is not what learning is. Glad that Sagar did not oblige and asked him to focus on the learning.

  2. Sagar, one of the best videos I have seen, good discussion.



  4. pov: you watched the whole video without getting bored

  5. kindly tell me how to contact GM trainer to get online class.

  6. Lesson from GM.
    * When you study position to improve your concepts, take time to master that concept, that way you can be in hurry in you game when that position occurs.

    * Make your pieces Happy, weave a position that is sad for your opponent.

    * Try to trade one pair of bishop from the board, so that you can plan your game for on which color you going to play.

    * When you have Good Pawn Structure, try to preserve it, rather improve your pieces.

    * When there is only one open, file occupie it, double the rook on that file and try a way to plant a rook on seventh Rank.


  7. This is the best training in a chess base bharat. Thxn.

  8. My learning form super coach
    1. Make your pieces happy and opponent pieces unhappy try do this
    2. Use your pawn to restrict your opponent ideas
    3. Improve your pieces like flexible
    4. Ability to ask such questions like which pieces I need to improve
    5. Prophylaxis your opponent ideas
    6. Postional learning always helpful
    In blitz and rapid game
    7. Develop your asking skill like what are ideal square for my pieces
    8. Develop both rook on open file
    9. Ability to ask questions how to improve postion
    10. Ability to feel in the postion on main point . Always think what is the main point / turning point in my position
    11. Exchang the key defender
    12. Analyze pawn structure to which pieces exchange or not
    13. Try to feel main point
    14. If you miss opponent idea you do huge mistake
    15. If you are low on time play postional because you cant calculate many lines , postional idea play on few seconds
    16. Play on open file and pin or trade on 7th rank
    17. Always play that side you are stronger like queen side
    18. In the closed postional use strategy ideas not how to play do where to play
    19. To improve positional play takes years and steps by steps learning concepts
    20. Most important to improve postional play to try to coordinate the pieces
    21. If you have better pawn structure preserved it and enjoy it

  9. Nice to watch ❤❤
    Plz upload more lessons or courses like this

  10. step by step "girl-US" black-q/black-kn ON; d4; через две клетки взять за время коня черного; и-да ты должна поесть за этим; g8; а-н-а-л-и-т-и-ч-е-с-к-и; Вы хотели растащить "слон"; Maby? should… Indian?; don 't go out from …; a7; а ты запомни … f7,e6,d5; how i…; c6-b5 TY; so e2

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