Learn the Dutch Defense Setup | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the Dutch Setup in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. Levy never fails to ask us what our favourite fruit is

  2. I used to play this alot back in the day now I play more of the gambits queens kings and Vienna gambit

  3. In your Dutch course, why did you almost skip the Leningrad, if it uses to be your favorite and you wanted to steer people into it?I'm taking the course and I remember this video here, so I'm really wondering whether to dive into the Leningrad or study the beginning of the course.

  4. I thought the moves are in the description. Wtf??

  5. Favourite fruit? Mangoes from Tahiti.

    But in all seriousness, I'd say that rambutan are my favourite fruit.

  6. Bro really said Simon Williams classical Dutch is passive 🤡

  7. Why if White move d4, then black move f5, the answer e4 is dangerous move ( for black). I didn't understand..

  8. Me myself as a Dutch guy, first time playing chess and I got the trophy: “You played Dutch defense” I guess it’s in our blood

  9. This is like the second chess video I ever watched. The first is what got me into chess. Was looking for the queen's gambit trailer and watched a queen's gambit opening vid. I didn't start playing the QG til later, but I played the Dutch as black. I got my butt kicked all the time. Coming back as a 1500 now to see if I'll be any better this time. I think I was 800 or less when I first started playing it

  10. The book is written by Petr Marusenko and Vladimir (not Victor ) Malaniuk, Ukrainian gms

  11. how if white start with e4 first, should black start with g6 and after that develop f5?

  12. I think pears taste good, especially ones with brown spots. Also thanks for the free lesson.

  13. If you ain't playing Dutch, you ain't playing much

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