Learn How to Play Chess for Beginners in Less Than 8 Minutes

Rules of Chess.
Timestamps OR Chapters:
0:00 How to Play Chess?
0:22 Setting Up a Chessboard
0:57 Chess Moves
3:11 Pawn Promotion in Chess
3:35 En Passant Move in Chess
4:29 Castling Move in Chess
5:08 How to Start The Chess Game?
5:29 How to Capture Your Opponent’s Pieces in Chess?
5:46 What is Checkmate in Chess?
6:10 How to Win The Chess Game?

How to Play Chess?
Chess Basic Rules and Setup for Kids & Beginners.
Chess game complete playing guide with rules & instructions.
Learn Chess moves like how King can move?
How does the Queen move?
How Does Rook move?
How does Bishop move?
How does Knight move?
And in the end how Pawns can move?
Learn how to capture your opponent’s pieces?
What are checkmate and Stalemate?
You will also learn all the details about CHESS special moves like Pawn Promotion, En passant and Castling.
Learn how to set up the Chessboard?
For example, Your queen should be at the same colored square as the color of your queen.
White queen on white or Lighter Square and black queen on black or Darker Square.
The king across from the king & from the queen across the queen.
when you are setting up the chessboard make sure each piece should be facing each other.
Chess rules,

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  1. Watching this rn cos i got assigned to play chess representing our class just because im great at math (idk the correlation either) even tho i literally dk how to play LMAO

  2. I've got a good question for your YouTube channel. How many different games are there in B-Daman?

  3. ♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️🎸♟️🎸🎸♟️

  4. OMG! The rules are so complex, and the movements of the pieces are so liberal, just like the Western world. Compared to Xiangqi, Chinese chess, this game is like the traffic in Vietnam, where people basically drive how ever the heck they want. Xiangqi, however, is more confined and with limited movements. So whatever! Chess, like many things in life, is too Goddam political. And no, chess players are not geniuses.

  5. For Castling: The King cannot be in nor pass through ANY check, not just checkmate.

  6. There's another condition to castling. There has to be pawns above the castle for it to be a "castle". The point is that you surround the king with chess pieces so it's harder for the other player to check your king. It's a move made for defense.

  7. I wana know clearly of stalemate can u explain sir?

  8. The background music makes these video's unwatchable- especially when sped-up. Deleted.

  9. Why is so hard to learn this game guys… I looked for simple ways to learn, apps etc, none hits home.

  10. This helped so much! I understand how the chess pieces move on. Thank you! 😊

  11. Hello some one is stealing form me and they are raciest….mean a bunch of kids and old stinky kids..

  12. Very helpful for my chess team I played it for them earlier

  13. Hello friends,
    Simply TAP on the Timestamps OR Chapters to watch a particular topic.
    0:00​ How to Play Chess?
    0:22​ Setting Up a Chessboard
    0:57​ Chess Moves
    3:11​ Pawn Promotion in Chess
    3:35​ En Passant Move in Chess
    4:29​ Castling Move in Chess
    5:08​ How to Start The Chess Game?
    5:29​ How to Capture Pieces in Chess?
    5:46​ What is Checkmate in Chess?
    6:10​ How to Win The Chess Game?

  14. One of the best explanations of Chess moves.
    Specially en passant 3:35

  15. Love the video, can you please also explain queen side castling?

  16. This position at the end of the game seems similar to the position in the tie break game 1 match for the 2018 world championship against Fabiano.

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