Lazard Gambit – Chess Opening Tricks & Traps #shorts

Here’s a cool little chess opening trick to trap & checkmate your opponent in just 6 moves – Lazard Gambit.
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  1. but what if white doesn't kick the knight but defends the central pawn because if he doesnt kick then the blockby the pawn in the end works now as its defended by the h-pawn

  2. Can you plz use checkmate instead of mate

  3. No one move the knight d2 in second move unless you don't how to play the chesss…

  4. This only happens when opponent have -100 IQ

  5. I thought of something else when he said "can u mate me"

  6. I had mate my ex in 1 move that's a world record ⏺️

  7. knight to c2 is crucial for this trap and not played much at my elo

  8. Thank you so much indeed ❤♥️♥️🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  9. This is such a noce checkmate in 6 move

  10. Am not sure an indian can be evil, oh wait Xavier

  11. The way you said can u mate me in 6 moves activated my dirty mind

  12. i thought i was the only dirty minded one

  13. Sir give me sometime usefull no one play queen pawn mostly people Play e4 but still your lesson are not come handy

  14. "Can you mate me in 6 moves?"
    Takes pants off

  15. Lazard Gambit made by a france🇫🇷 chess master name Frédéric Lazard

  16. Bro's face is English.. but the accent 💀

  17. This trap don't work on anyone has brain 😂😂😂

  18. guys btw the proper way to defend this is to go knight h3

  19. अगर उसने अपना घोड़ा क्वीन के सामने न रखा होता तो क्या करते?

  20. And then he sacrifices THE KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Instruction unclear : My opponent is 🤰

  22. this is wrong, usually we play the pawn in front of king..

  23. You don't need six moves to mate someone, there is only one,if you know what I am saying💀

  24. Mate me in 6 moves 😂 that sounds so dirty

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