Knight or Bishop?

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  1. If I can pick between 2 bishops and 2 knights, I will pick the bishops. However as soon as 1 bishop is lost I think the knight becomes the better piece.

  2. Knights for openings, and bishops for endgame

  3. İ thing knight , because its beautiful forks🤩

  4. the knight cuz I don't want losing it and I annoy people with it by forking pieces

  5. To put it simply bishops are better in endgames and knights are better on a crowded board

  6. Knight can fork every piece except another Knight but bishop can only fork Knight and rook

  7. The knight is better because he can reach every square and the bishop only half of the board

  8. 𝗚𝗠 always play against 𝙂𝙈 they cannot trick them by knight and that's why they choose Bishop

  9. It is only the knight using which you can pin the queen and the king together…THE POWER!!

  10. You can't block a knight, you can a bishop

  11. Knight is that unpredictable guy you never know what to expect until its already there. Bishop, on the other hand, is the one often ignored, that at one moment during the match, that guy is sniping you from a mile away and you never know its coming.

  12. It's illusive coz he doesn't exist. It's a hoooorseee. 🦄

  13. This way of thinking confuses me on when I need to sack a knight for bishop

  14. It all depends, but statistics shows that pair of bishops > pair of knights

  15. Every piece has its use and place in strategy, situationally, every piece has advantageous situations over other pieces

  16. Which is best website to play chess online by getting elo rating?

  17. A knight can successfully fork a queen
    But 2 knights cant checkmate while 2 bishops can checkmate

  18. Me personally,i think it depends on the position of the board,if the knight has a better position than a bishop,then the knight is better,same the other way around.

  19. Really depends on the time in the game for me . I will take a knight over a bishop at the beginning of the game but I want my bishop at the end game . Or just give me one of each . I can checkmate you with that

  20. I think that a knight is the second best promotion of a pawn, it's the only piece that can do something the queen cannot do.

  21. Right answer is : THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOK

  22. A knight is the only piece that can not checkmate if it is the last piece with the king

  23. "The knight is extremely elusive"
    The invisible bishop 100 kilometres away: 🗿

  24. Fun fact: The knight is better just because it can move through black and white squares unlike the bishop

  25. I love the knight. Its the only piece Im not completely shit at playing😂

  26. Black Pawn♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️

  27. If it's the knight why is the bishop worth 3½ and the knight 3??

  28. Imo knights are better cuz you can fork (which is one of the best feelings ever) and make good strategies but bishops on the other hand as he mentioned are good too

  29. Knight or bishop?? The rooooooooooookkkkk

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