Italian Game – Chess Openings

The Italian Game, one of the oldest openings in chess, can be both aggressive and extremely passive. We look at all the variations you need to know to play the Italian game to fit your style of play.

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  1. Bro you just want to play c3 every time 😂

  2. In that position at 6:11 White shouldn't take the pawn with the knight, Qd5 threatening mate on f7 wins a piece.

  3. Make a video on the Reverse-Grunfeld and the symmetrical King's Indian Defense 😀

  4. Hey Kevin, just wondering when you're gonna shut up about f7?

  5. At 10:10 white bishop can take the night because of Nf7+ and winning the queen, if the queen takes g2 then capture the rook, black soes the same, check move the king and you are up in pieces

  6. I usely play c3 instead of the Nc3. Is that wrong now?

  7. Hey Kevin! At 3:25 afterdxc3 instead of Nxc3 there is Qd5 winning

  8. hey Kevin wats ur rating? Great videos, been watching a long time now and i am still rubbish! Only about the 1300 mark

  9.  Can you do a detailed video on the second to the last gambit?  I believe you said it is called russo gambit?  

  10. Hey Kevin, do you ever stream yourself playing something like blitz chess? I think that would be entertaining, and you could post some highlight games to youtube as well!

  11. For the Blackburn gambit, after Qg5 instead of playing Bxf7 couldn't you play Nxf7 winning a rook? There seems to be no horrible threat on the whites kingside right away. I'm sure it could go either way though.

  12. @thechesswebsite do you use these openings? What are you rated USCF? I noticed you missed several game winning moves 😉. Anyway no harm intended. I like your videos for a opening view into an opening. For theory I check databases computers and books…anyway I play scotch gambit so the goring gambit (c3) does not allow black to take after Be7 due to Qd5 and black is lost

  13. 2:08
    I've always wondered, after Evan's gambit, where b4, Bb4x, c3. Why doesn't the bishop move back to c5?

  14. You mention the Trexler (?) response.  I was interested but don't know what it is.

  15. I think your characterizing 4. Ng5 as the "Fried Liver Attack" is not correct. This is just a standard variation of the Two Knight's Defense that could lead to the Fried Liver Attack. The Fried Liver attack involves, (after 4. Ng5), 4… d5, 5. ed Nxd5, 6. Nxf7 … now we have the Fried Liver Attack!

  16. Could you make a video about Owen's defense? I'm getting my ass kicked almost every time my opponent chooses to use it to defend against e4.

  17. nice video. You have talked about some Ruso Gambit at the end of the video which is similar to King's Gambit for black. I have not found anything on net for Ruso Gambit. Can you explain that or provide some links to study that gambit. Thanks.

  18. Nice and compact. Very understandable and not boring. Good job. You touched on a lot of interesting lines in the Italian game without going too far in detail. Thanks. I would like to find a video in that style about the Schliemann defense too.

  19. italian gambit is with oo and Nf6 i thought

  20. I know gambits can be used to give a lead in development but how exactly does it let that happen?

  21. Questions from a newb. If they open with Sicilian defense… How would someone opening in the "Italian game" (specifically fried liver) respond?

  22. In the italian gambit after dxc3 Bxf7 Kxf7 Qd5+ is much better than Nxc3 because you are not giving up a pawn and the black king cannot castle so you will have a good attack

  23. I don't understand the c3 move when you can always play knight to c3

  24. 10:05 why not take with knight so you can eat the rook after they move the queen. Or is it to slow and you lose the board?

  25. 9:53 after …Qg5 white can play Nxf7 forking both the queen and rook as well as mocking the black king. Not a good gambit when you can always fork with protection.

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