INSANE 10,000 Elo Chess Bot

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  1. so if stockfish is at 3600 and lets say magnus plays with a tournament rating of 4k does that mean he would technically beaten stockfish if he plays at that level against it?

  2. Totally enjoyed the video ❤❤. Love your content! Never stop!

  3. Would love to see alpha zero against this new bot

  4. Historically speaking, didn't A0 and Leela beat SF reliably for some time? And didn't they play themselves more than anything else?

  5. Recently I discovered chess & how insane robots are at it. I'm pretty "new" to chess but I'm kinda getting the hang of the cool advanced stuff you can pull off and get away with. This video made me really curious about how far behind could a bot be, and still manage to pull a win/draw.

    So i put it to the test whenever i play against a blunder/disconnect. Once the human leaves, i do an analysis board and let Stockfish 16 continue the game as my opponent (after the opponent blundered).

    1st Game: Black lost a Queen for a pawn and disconnected. I played against Stockfish being a queen up, and stockfish absolutely DESTROYED ME. It felt like every move i made was countered 10 moves ago.

    2nd Game: White lost a Queen for 2 pawns, and I just forked 2 of his rooks (at which point he disconnected). I played it out carefully against Stockfish 16, and at one point the meter went into me having a mate in 9 opportunity (i didn't see it so i kept playing carefully) but did manage to win the game. Really proud of beating the bot, surprisingly with only a Queen & Rook advantage, but it took me some insane moves (at least they looked insane to me) to make it happen.

  6. 8:57 could any one explain to me why the king couldn’t take the rook. Please any answer would be appreciated.

  7. I got banned in your server because I by mistake pinged you and now I deleted discord

  8. "Stockfish" is not a computer, it is an engine (program). Sheesh.

  9. Time is also a dimension, can we use that in chess while testing these engines ?

  10. Stockfish is cheating its using a engine 😂😂

  11. Why did u give white piceas to sf16 always? It's not fair 😡😡😡😡😡

  12. It's not fair , sf16 play whit white piceas all games 😡😡😡

  13. Where you use the stockfish machine to obtain the pgn?

  14. Levy , when you are pairing these bots up don't make the stronger bot take white .. make the weaker bot take white and do 1E4, and the stronger one take black and see the matches that the stronger one won with black and karokhan/, with say a different opening than 1E5… It would be more interesting to see something like that…

  15. Levy could you make them play 3 more games against each other, 1st game kings indian defense with stockfish 16, 2nd game queens gambit with stockfish 16 and 3rd game London System with stockfish 16?

  16. that propfs that kings gambit is actually the best gambit ever

  17. Annndddddd heeeeeee sacrifices THE ROOOK

  18. analyzing stockfish and stockfish with stockfish

  19. We are just eating, we are fisting (c) Levi Rosmann

  20. Could you make a video where bots get significantly more time to think about their moves? I saw a couple of chess bot videos on your channel and they all seem to follow the same short time for move principal

  21. Can someone please help me out as I'm confused. At 23:00, isn't the position before ra7 just stalemate? I can't picture in my head how this checkmate was achieved without it having drawn by stalemate on the previous move. I've very beginner so probably missing something obvious but I can't see it.

  22. heyyy I was waiting for this video, your video titles are really really bad bro like if I wasn't a daily watcher of you I wouldnt click most of them but most of them are what I want if they had a real thumbnail or title 😀 love u anyway

  23. Can somebody explain that at 9:01 time position why didn't black for the fork with knight on f3 and instead played king to c7??(I thik I just found a flaw in stockist 16 lol)

  24. I can't believe I just heard the words "The Great Wall of Stockfish"

  25. Is it just me or did white blunder in the first game? He gave a check with a rook, that was not defended, but the opponent never took

  26. This is my first time watching this video, and I paused it having just finished the first game. I definitely haven't been disappointed so far.

    I'm not gonna lie, near the end when white was just mopping up pawns and Levy was clicking through the moves pretty quickly, I had to pause the video to get a better look at the various positions, and it led to my discovery of what I think is my favorite position of that game.

    I paused at exactly 8:57, when white plays Rc8+. For half a second, it looks like white blundered the rook.

    Then you realize that if
    Rc8+, Kxc8 then
    Nd6+ picks up the rook on b5 and black can't possibly stop both the a5 and h4 pawns. So…white played Rc8+ just as a boss move, purely for the flex value that comes from having an invincible rook.

    Also, 9:43…props to my guy Levy for keepin' that pimp hand strong.
    Sometimes you've just got to take a second to recognize game.

  27. 5:44 crazy? I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy crazy? I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy crazy? I was crazy once they locked me in a room a rubber room a rubber room with rats and rats make me crazy

  28. I love how levy makes the most complex top engine moves look so simple for my little 900 elo brain

  29. Can anyone tell me why Black didnt capture the rook with the king at 8:56?

  30. Could you put the pgn of the games into the description?

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