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  1. I swear to GOD, A LOT of these Stockfish 16 moves seem eminently findable for Humans *same with freaking Stockfish frickin 15; I feel the same way about So VERY Many of Carlsen's moves….

    I should REVERSE ENGINEER this Entire
    PLANET 🌎🌍🌎🌍💥🌞

  2. Levy saying the computer doesn't know that when it obviously saw a better sequence lmao

  3. I love when Levy is talking about chess and then getting randomly distracted by clapping or by his muscle haha

  4. I wish you could include an evaluation of each move from stockfish itself to understand their motives.

  5. Final game reminded me of when your knight was trapped when you were playing your own bot.

  6. Didn't Alpha Zero destroy stock fish? Is stock fish ahead now?

  7. Wasn't there was a checkmate for white 16 with Rook A8?

  8. This is why its absolutely doesnt matters what Opening will you play. Even the strongest Chess engine in the World can lose vs kings gambit

  9. Title says 10k elo. 5 seconds in to the vidio levi says its 3600💀

  10. Feels kinda stupid having the evalbar up. It's like having the little brother make oohh! or aaah! sounds after every move while you're watching your farther and grandfather play their immortal game

  11. Today, I would like to make a prediction: in 50 years, human chess may no longer be as enjoyable, as people might primarily watch bot chess. This shift could occur because, at some point, chess-playing bots could potentially achieve a 10,000 ELO rating, making human chess seem boring.

  12. Levy on Wired: It doesn't matter if you play black or white.

  13. I wonder if Stockfish 15 is confused af why it's losing.

  14. 6:11 can’t the rook just check? The rook on a7 goes to a8 it’s and they would be up a whole rook

  15. Make stockfish 15 play egg against stockfish 16 who will qlso be playing egg

  16. Please make a video on the new engine Torch. Waiting for the video….

  17. Levy doesn't understand what makes an older sibling the older sibling ((age he is older )

  18. What a shame the chess fad is coming to an end

  19. 🗽 Why humans are still playing chess?
    It's a game for bots. 🥶

  20. You should put the evaluation for jersey 15 and 16 to see if the computer knows it’s losing

  21. Curious in the first game why d4 was played instead of f6 first to kick the knight. But honestly I barely understand any of it

  22. Why give 15 the "weak" openings like Scandinavian? It would be more interesting seeing how 16 does with it

  23. 11:13 best move according to who? Use stockfish 16 to analyze the game and every move it makes will be the best move if you give it the same amount of time and ram

  24. The Evaluation bar swinging in favor of Stockfish 16 is like Obama giving himself an award.

  25. Levy slapping himself and enjoying me:

    Okay 👌

  26. First game 8mins 56 secs of the video. White moves rook to c8, cant black king just take the rook?

  27. could you try to make ur vids a bit shorter

  28. 10:55 black sacked the rook and Levi didn't scream the ROOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!

  29. the word you were looking for at the end was "but I digress" great content!!

  30. Bro you need to chill with the thumbnails 😂

  31. I would like to see a game with 2 engines just playing against each other with no restrictions. I know it will be a boring draw with the Spanish or something, but I want to see how it will look.

  32. Hey Levy, any chance you will bring back sub battles – ideally with Hikaru? I've seen them so often, I essentially know the lines and games by heart. Still love to rewatch them, but some news Levy – Hikaru content would be amazing.

  33. please levy make more about stockfish

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