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  1. How can the pawn in edge of the chess board to be promoted since there is the only pawn left ?

  2. I literally just got a stalemate being in this exact situation 😂😂 unfortunately my pawn got sacrificed and I only had my king. I got so lucky

  3. what if once you flank the king he goes back to facing the pawn but its 2 blocks away
    Edit: i meant 3 blocks away

  4. How do you counter this if ur the black

  5. I don’t think I would be able to win with just one queen and one king

  6. Literally had this happen to me once…absolutely screwed myself over.

  7. Why is it bad if the king sees ur pawn

  8. Tip: If u don’t know how to play chest and want to beat someone just let them be white and then open another device or something and play their exact move on the other device and play whatever the computers’ response it. 100% dub😂

  9. Tnx levy you amde me win a tournament from school

  10. Sam is the type of guy to order KFC Nuggets

  11. A or h is only draw if the opposing king is ahead of the pawn not behind them

  12. Because of this lesson now i know my endgames for the intramurals

  13. I stalmated in such positions thank you very much

  14. the best tip for you: make this position on the board and figure it out for yourself

  15. id like to challange you to a chess game sir, I think your no match for me

  16. f you see this comment then set up a game let's play, and if I win, yu get to quit YouTube

  17. But why?? What is the problem with moving the pawn and the king side by side? 🤔

  18. Я бы на месте чёрного не затягивал игру

  19. This was the best explanation on this that I’ve seen so far.

  20. Instructions unclear, the bishop on ED500 killed my queen.

  21. Well only draw if they know that endgame. Endgame with less pieces is usually the last things people really get good @.

  22. The blinking eyes got me laughing

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