I Ranked Chess Players By Rizz

We ranked popular chess players and streamers by their “rizz” aka their ability to flirt and be charming while pursuing a romantic interest. Who will score the highest and who will get the lowest marks? Drop a like and let us know in the comments if you disagree with any of our marks!
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  1. I thought rizz was game, not personality?? Someone help. I'm a boomer

  2. I would put Andrea in C and Alex in B

  3. Anna Cramling's relaxed, natural, cheerful interest in others, model good-looks, being quick to laugh, and her subtle magnetism puts her on S-Tier. She has a great, demure, natural feminine charm that will age exquisitely.
    She needs work on recognizing the bad ones.
    The kind of man for her is cultured, a masculine gentleman with nuance, patience, a great sense of humor, and expertise in a field decidedly apart from chess or mathematics such as, say, archeology or oceanography.

    Dina gets S-tier for being formidably strong, with a demeanor that puts a lot of men off, but she also has an animal magnetism that is incredibly strong, because she seems unapproachable.
    It's the old advice for young women – if you run away from a guy, he will chase you, but if you chase a guy, he will run away.
    Dina needs work on recognizing the good ones.
    Dina needs a physically strong man, an athlete with brains and a sense of purpose. He must plenty mature so his ego is in balance; for whom when Dina pushes him, he holds her. Without a balanced, anchored ego, a man will eventually inspire contempt from Dina. The one for her is probably an Olympic downhill skier who is also an astrophysicist, marine biologist or philosopher.

    The Botez sisters, hmmm, this one's not easy. Both have a lot of wildness to work out of their systems, especially Andrea. When Andrea likes a man she's going to try too hard. Her starter husband will probably be a rock star or a kick boxer.
    When she really flowers into more mature womanhood, an architect or aeronautical engineer will take her away and they'll have 4 or 5 kids.
    Alexandra is more complex and needs a strong, mentally agile man to keep up with her. He needs to be very intuitive, because the closer they get, the more veiled she will be. The one for her will delight in exploring her nuanced complexity and the one who is not for her will become exasperated.
    Alexandra will be drawn to a sophisticated jazz saxophonist with a lot of cool, but will settle down with a humanities professor who is an activist standing solid as a rock for social justice.
    Both have delightful, engaging personalities, are lots of fun to drink and dance with.
    I'll put both sisters at an A+ because they need a bit more subtlety and confidence in their romantic attraction. Both need to learn if they step back, the gentleman will step forward, and they need to learn to do so with flair.

  4. Nothing stands out to you about Hannah Sayce, but most men notice her two different colored eyes immediately. She's funny, intelligent, witty, and she is very fine.

  5. The ter S and A lists are so scuffed what a horrible tier list and video!

  6. You lied about levy in the start photo

  7. You two are great….. but rizz isn't being nice or being good at chess. We need an updated video!

  8. Dina's attitude is openly 'Fight me!'.
    And she likes people who stand up to her. Especially if she's taken to the cleaner's, like Daniel does.

  9. People with charisma should be high. Attractive people low. 😅 All these attractive females should be C.

  10. My boy Gothamchess at the top? let's go!!!

  11. I really enjoyed this video! As a fan of chess and all these masters especially you two as well in my mind as “masters” at chess as well. However I’d put Andrea and Alex at B sorry Andrea but your personality while great and not to be rude this is all for good fun and all but your a very vibrant and independent personality that doesn’t need anyone else’s approval and sometimes that drives down rizz as guys especially I think want a less of a strong willed personality they want to be the leader not the follower. Alex is also a little headstrong too but at least she seems like she could be a follower whereas Andrea doesn’t.
    ALSO, not being sexist or rude or any disrespect towards either of you never change you’re both great!
    Cheers 🥂 or should I say checkmate! ♟️ 😊

  12. Andrea: "We are not ranking Hikaru based on what women like." 10 seconds later proceeds to rank Eric Rosen based on what women like.

  13. I thought Aman was dedicated to only taking rooks in the back rank.

  14. Hikaru dresses well?? Not Italian fashion style at all

  15. I dont think they should be rating others but as for me i would rate them in F tier

  16. Hikaru's Rizz: Takes takes, takes takes and there there, there there, yes yes, and I mate you.

  17. this video reminds me of wittgenstein's ruler. they revealed their own rizz by rating other peoples rizz

  18. bro wtf, anna is clearly SSS+
    she is beautiful asf
    she is likeable asf
    she good at the game asf (yes, i find people who is good at the game attractive asf)
    she has a mother GM and a father GM, that's cool asf and add +100 points on rizz

  19. Dunno what rizz is but why is Hikaru not on top?!?

  20. Wanted to chip in for Magnus, but Alex said it all😂

  21. No point in ranking women's rizz, they don't need any to get men.

  22. I searced for "chess rage" and i got this video

  23. Common Girls……..Where is Anish Giri, Jorden Van Foreest ?

  24. There's a GM Hammer!?

    He coulda been the world's most famous candidate master

  25. This is quite possibly the worst tier list I have seen

  26. Hmm it was mostly about attractiveness… but ok. Funny how they rate guys higher when they have a GF. It's the female brain at work.

  27. I’m not an incel but if I were this shit would really piss me off

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