I Made Chess History In The Biggest Tournament

This is the greatest tournament match win of All Time


  1. "We didnt even reach a climax."
    Dont worry, Charlie did.

  2. Seeing Charlie celebrate with audio feels like seeing an old picture getting colorized.

  3. I’m surprised Charlie didn’t mention that June 9th is 6/9

  4. botez didn’t see a climax but deep down we all know that Charlie indeed, climaxed

  5. quick correction: the actual fastest mate in chess is the 2 move fools mate

  6. Ms. Speaker: I'd like to see a win in 4 moves.
    Mr. Moisturizer Supreme: best I can do is 6 Ma'am.

  7. In not wearing any panties so the floor is wet

  8. You know it's humiliation when even chess itself laughs at you:

  9. June 9th is my anniversary. Anniversary of celebrating Charlie’s win

  10. 0:20
    Funnily enough, Chess has existed for more than 3000 years before Jesus Christ. Just that it was in its first form, Chaturanga.

  11. Daniel Naroditsky looks like the Wish Master from Adventure time, so it's not so shocking that his apprentice made history

  12. "It's too soon Hikaru we didn't even reach a climax"

  13. “We didn’t even reach a climax”
    Charlie: climaxing

  14. Kinda crazy how he's downplaying his own birthday on Dec 25th to give more publicity to his tourney win

  15. Fool’s mate and Scholars mate can defeat Xqc probably.

  16. you can see in both alex and hikaru's face the moment when they realize what just happened 1:52

  17. Literally saw this and played a match and did this exact thing

  18. Idk Alex, it seems like Charlie reached the climax alright

  19. I come back to this video every few months or so when I’m feeling down and it never fails to make me laugh

  20. The only guy who could beat computers at chess. Also June 9th = 6/9. Nice.

  21. Funnily enough June 9th is my birthday.

  22. Exaggerates His Win.
    Thanks his sub for a donno.
    Gives us cock update.
    he's godly

  23. Just thought I comment that it’s June 9th today

  24. Today's the second anniversary of this historic event

  25. As i am coming back to these clips im just now realizing that im watching this around the time that it happened

  26. It’s too soon we didn’t even reach a climax. Says my wife every night during my first round flawless victory

  27. Alternate Title: Jesus beats mortal in chess.

  28. We Didn't even reach a climax is the second best line

  29. I thought you beat hikaru this whole time

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