I Made a BETTER Chess

You WILL enjoy your newly assigned hobbies 𓅱



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0:00 – Origins
0:54 – Rant
1:32 – Chess 2
2:10 – The NEW Rook
3:27 – The NEW Knight
4:58 – The NEW Bishop
5:54 – The NEW Pawn
7:16 – The King & Queen
7:48 – Jail.
8:13 – The Banana Catch
8:57 – Board Layout
10:33 – Clarifications + how you can play
10:58 – Ŝ̬ᴜβŜ̬ᴋʀiβ𓅱


  1. Wait until he finds out about 5d chess with multidimensional time travel

  2. I got an idea for a new chess named "Fantasy Chess"
    Pawns move diagonally and can only take by jumping over a piece so if theres a knight above it the pawn jumps over the knight and takes it and promotion is still a thing.
    Rook moves like a bishop.
    Bishop moves like a rook.
    Knight jumps to the opposite square colour adjacent to it but it cannot jump over pieces.
    King moves like a normal pawn and can be promoted to ANY PIECE excluding the king and if they promote to a pawn they move like a king, can take like a pawn and can take like a normal pawn in chess.
    The queen moves like a normal rook and a normal knight and can jump over pieces.
    The board can be set out in any way but pieces must stay vertically facing and you can give them some of your pieces in exchange for pawns.If they have no pawns left you can take either a bishop or a knight ONLY ONCE.Exchanging pieces for pawns can only be done when the board is being set up.En passant can still be performed and you can castle with any piece with only bishops.

  3. the fact the fishy is littearlly just a reskin of a pawn

  4. I think I’m gonna do chess 2 with clay

  5. If the king dies doesn’t that means you auto loose???

  6. As someone who loves chess, this is actually really cool and interesting, it also makes a lot of sense (like the new rules) I would love to play it.

  7. हम भारतीयों ने शतरंज बेवकूफी पैदा की

  8. i played the game and tbh the game is much better than i thought
    (SUPER good)

  9. tbh, I thought this was gonna be some goofy video that made chess "worse", but these mechanics are honestly pretty cool

  10. Just make the monkey be able to have infinite turns and I Will genuanly buy This game


  12. According to chess native place India rook is a elephant and bishop is a camel and knight will be horse and othe pieces are same

  13. Enemy piece: gets killed
    Rook: ok where's the king

  14. You know the pawn is basically the same rules. Like you can promote into a queen when it is at the other side of the chess board.

  15. 3:40 is nobody going to talk about LOWERCASE 5???? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN??

  16. You know that? Bishop named as elephant in turkish (fil=elephant) XD

  17. Fun Fact: The chess piece called Rook is called "Hathi" in India literally meaning Elephant

  18. The fish should be able to go to any blue spot

  19. So that why Queen want Kris to get the banana.

  20. Bro this is genuinely better than the original chess, the only thing is the pawn replacement, make it a peasant or smth bc that would fit being imperial setting, and I love it, in fact I'm going to make a wooden version, you should name it smth better than chess 2 btw, like 'imperial army' or 'imperial table' idk

  21. if an pawn ends up there it can be anything also an rook so what does the fishy rook looks like and for the the bishop?

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