I Made a BETTER Chess

You WILL enjoy your newly assigned hobbies 𓅱



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0:00 – Origins
0:54 – Rant
1:32 – Chess 2
2:10 – The NEW Rook
3:27 – The NEW Knight
4:58 – The NEW Bishop
5:54 – The NEW Pawn
7:16 – The King & Queen
7:48 – Jail.
8:13 – The Banana Catch
8:57 – Board Layout
10:33 – Clarifications + how you can play
10:58 – Ŝ̬ᴜβŜ̬ᴋʀiβ𓅱


  1. The Jester, a 4×4 square outline and anyone caught in it is capturable, IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO CAPTURE THE KING

  2. legit, im playing this instead of the original. it makes sense and isn't too complicated.

  3. Child Abductor In The HomeDepot Parkinglot says:

    Ohio chess is much better

  4. In Persian we still call bishop the elephant and the knights is basically horse

  5. the monke really tricky, i was playing and the monke came from nowhere captures my king like wt*?

  6. this game is so bad i wanna burn a childrens hospital just to get my mind off this game

  7. a pawn does indeed turn into queen when it reaches the other side of board… Crow, Elephant and Horsey be like

  8. i think the queen is a bit too op she needs a nerf considering she needs to be captured and she can just run away forever also almost all pieces are nerfed so its going to be a lot harder to win

  9. he mentioned mostly all the countrys except the most important and which in the chess essentially orgined:(

  10. the "monkey bum opening" name is about to make sense

  11. I find this riddiculous but sensibly good ruleset

  12. TBH the idea of a piece that teleports anywhere anytime is OP, even without the capturing hability

  13. "The monkey can save the king because….

    He is holding a banana."

    There is some big brain scientific engineering behind Chess 2

  14. Fun fact: in my country its still called an elephant and shatrange

  15. Idk… i like the concept and appreciate the work but i think i prefer the original

  16. you forgot en passant, the most important move

  17. what about a nonbinary ruler? Or Feminism?

  18. Imagine with the fish you couldn’t chose where to move it. Like you move it and the game randomises it. It’s kinda luck based which completely goes against chess but like idk just thought it would be cool and fit more because it’s a flopping fish.

  19. 5:22 the elephant actually morphed into Rook. In India the rook is called HATHI meaning Elephant in Hindi.
    Great video btw.

  20. I think it would be better if you can't kill the bear

  21. i will 3d model all these peices and print them to play in real life

  22. I actually think this should be real chess but the only problem is castling

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