I Hired a Chess Master to Secretly Destroy My Friends

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  1. Wow, that was an unexpected crossover to me

  2. He's a grand Master BTW not just a master

  3. Why go through getting a pro when you can just have next chess move calculator on your monitor

  4. There's only one chess master and his name is Frank

  5. 4:50 Gothams face is priceless. When y’all cheat an he doesn’t listen 😂😂😂

  6. 16:29 I love the guy in the chat saying “PLEASE ASK LEVY TO COACH YOU!”

  7. I just love chess ♟️.

  8. ドメインウェブの設定がまだ行われていない。




  9. Pov: this is the 6th time i've beat a robot in chess on hard mode

  10. how tf does ludwig know about the vibrator in the ass cheat tool

  11. Comeback mother fkers is funny af

  12. Levy, more like Stockfishy! Get it? Because Levy is as smart as Stockfish?

  13. My favorite part was seeing someone in chat say "you should ask levy to coach you"

  14. Props to Stanz though because I think Levy was not expecting him to play this well. Imagine a chess master being pleasantly surprised at the moves you make. I'd be chuffed.

  15. “It’s good to last 30 seconds. I guess…” 😂

  16. Ludwig: today I will be cheating in chess.
    Also Ludwig: why does everyone call me a cheater

  17. Hey I'm wondering if you want to play me in chess I'm around you elo maybe 300-400 more but I would want to let you know that some of us our alot better then you so play me or you scared?

  18. It’s good to last 30 seconds he knew what he meant 💀💀☠️

  19. GGs. Remember: cheating is bad. Unless it’s against your friends. 😄

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