I checkmated somebody in 4 moves…


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  1. I think he stole this from BobbyBoJanglles’s short titled “ You have to know this ( checkmate in 4 )
    Bc I got the short right before this one.

  2. “acTUally tHis iS bASic mATe beCAuse AftEr aLl mY yEArs oF AvOIding WoMen I fOr onE kNOw tHIs iS nOOb stuff.”

  3. Dare you to try that when you play with me

  4. Wtf ! ! Bro didn't even tried to block your move !
    It seems like, it was waiting for you to check mate it !
    Grammar rule:- it is also used for non-living things like bots 🙂

  5. it must go to f 3 and then eat the f 7! k

  6. Somehow mated someone in 2 yesterday it’s like they intentionally gave me the win

  7. The other guy must be a beginner or something to have not noticed that

  8. *i literally performed the most basic checkmate ever

  9. People coming here after watching hikarus calculation be like 😶😶

  10. Sooo noone Gonna talk about how He only has 200ELO In this match?

  11. Bro idk how your opponent is so dumb…

  12. Bro played against 500 elo player 😅
    (But still cool that you know this check mate)

  13. you did this to someone i know. that’s his exact username. damn

  14. Anyone with the chess app knows this is a tutorial and not a live match

  15. Bro I saw someone do this you just copied them

  16. Average 200 elo checkmate

  17. "I dont even play aggressive this round"
    brings the queen out immediately

  18. Sam…….Id smash You at chess…. dm me anytime for match

  19. The other dude is 400 rated and doesnt attack the queen?

  20. fools mate. nothing special, opponents braincells must be decaying.

  21. when i tried that they put the queen infront of the king

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