I Beat MrBeast With Just a King and a Queen

Hikaru Nakamura gives @MrBeast his all when he has only his king and his queen vs the rest of all his pieces.















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  1. Now this video has 13 million views with Mr Beast suggestion title and thumbnail. He might not be chess genius but he is youtube genius 🙂

  2. Is it just me or do I see Mr. Beast as a 200 Elo…?

  3. LOL. You tricked us with your title bro.

  4. mr beast is a content genius…. He said this would be your most viewed video, and its true lol

  5. i cant belive he missed the rook roller, a 500 would see that.

  6. I facepalmed SO HARD when Hikaru went to the bathroom to purposely give Jimmy a time advantage, but then Jimmy proceeds to waste his OWN time by talking the entire time instead of moving a damn piece! 🤦🤦‍♂🤦‍♀

  7. mrbeast failing the ladder took my sole away

  8. Really wish I could do something similar to this with Hikaru it would be so much fun

  9. mr beast: im not gonna leave any pieces unprotected!!
    also mr beast: moves pawn to a4, completely giving hikaru a free pawn

  10. This is like watching a cat play with a mouse before it eats it.

  11. Missed M1 at the end hurt my soul and im bad at chess lmao

  12. MrBeast: loses
    Hikaru: you should've won that game.

  13. using the thumbnail and title that mrbeast adviced, literally got most viewed video… this is what happened when master at chess and master at youtube meet

  14. jimmy wanting to guard every piece when no piece is getting attacked..

  15. 13:59 "If I had moved my queen to A2…" Bro you literally could not have: 13:24 There is no path for your queen to get to A2… and even if there WAS, your literally in check and wouldn't be allowed to move your queen to A2 lmao

  16. I can feel proud of the fact that I am better than Mister Beast at SOMETHING.

    And I suck at Chess.

  17. Bro I swear mr beast is so bad it’s actually making me angry

  18. He defended everything but his king and his brain😂

  19. haha this was very fun to watch make more collabs please

  20. Mr beast was 1 move away from checkmating Hikaru lul

  21. Before hikaru do the move I know it’s gonna be checkmate good MrBeast 😃

  22. no offense but mr beast should buy some brain cells with some of his money

  23. Bro got millions but he got the xbox mic haha

  24. How quickly he spotted the fork at 3:48. And Beast was trying so hard to guard every piece 😂

  25. the title of this vid should be bullying mr beast in chess

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