HUGE Magnus, Hikaru Chess Drama

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  1. I’ve never felt more of a bum than hearing “I had custom suits coming”

  2. Chessly is kicking people out do to inactivity. Bad marketing strategy. Good luck ever getting me back.

  3. good vid, straddled the line there but just about managed to keep ego in check. Now be careful and keep creating decent content going forward. Much love bro <3

  4. Levy thanks for this really thoughtful video. Always enjoy your thoughts on what's happening in chess, like the Hans Niemann case. This video was saddening, peppered with your humour. I'm really rooting for chess and your channel!

  5. in Ludwigs video he said about the 2 secret grandmasters at the event and i literally guessed it would be magnus and hikaru

  6. Watching Gotham is not even close to watching chess tbh.

  7. What a touching content that I gave you a down vote.

  8. Make chess players play classical and rapid chess at the same time.

  9. Here's an idea. Give all the sponsors to the woman's format first.

  10. 🫵🏽🫵🏽🫵🏽🫵🏽🫵🏽🫵🏽

  11. Thank God its over. Chess boxing is the worst ever!

  12. He's still interesting when he just talking too..

  13. I came here to enjoy big hikaru magnus drama, but there is only chess commercial drama, huge disappointment

  14. Netflix need to make a ‘drive to survive’ or ‘breakpoint’ type show. People need to actually see what it takes to be a high level player.

  15. Jeeeeeeeeeez get to the point Levy, you rumble on an on and on. I can't focus on my cooking if you hold us in suspence…

  16. I don’t even play chess. I just know how the pieces move which is the bare minimum to even play. But I watch Levy and the two gentlemen mentioned as they showed me how fun Chess really is

  17. Chess needs a Barry Hearn. He's a boxing promoter, and has done magic for smaller sports such as Snooker and Darts. He could do a lot for Chess…

  18. 💯, you're the one to do it, Levy! Diversify and expand your domain. We'll be along for the ride!!

  19. Though I love playing chess and watching lots of yt videos about it…I think to commercialize chess so hard wouldnt be good…The way how chess is presented today by lots of dudes on social media…also the Party Magnus vids disgust me somehow…thats always the danger of coming out in a too hard cooked eggy way;)
    My opinion☝️

  20. Hang in there, Levi! Chess demand is massive and rising, and sponsors will eventually catch on. My son's middle school chess club quadrupled in size between last year and this year. This is all going to matter eventually.

  21. The last 5 minutes of this video is the most important and inspirational part

  22. Just get the creators of True Sight, a documentary of the International (dota2) finals. That hypes up the fan base of the game and it garners a lot of new players.

  23. I think levy is the only person i would actually not mind if i was insulted by

  24. As a Canadian, I am deeply offended by the reindeer/Saskatchewan comment

  25. I like chess don't get me wrong but at the end of the day it's "just" a board game

  26. 5:28 – He doesn't know why. Something wrong with the insurance/venue/whatever.

    No need to thank me.

  27. Magnus got injured in training camp and Hikaru needed more time to make weight.

  28. Magnus is right, we need a big chess change in order to make this beautiful game into a profitable sport.

  29. Exactly this is what I was wondering a long time ago, love the game although I’m only around 1500

  30. “Why are people going to watch a 7 hour game?” Mr. chess, why are people going to watch a 22 minute video on an match that didn’t happen?

  31. First, I am not a chess player but I bloody love this channel.
    I am not a chess player but I understand the complexity of a good chess player and I understand it as sport. But I love this, we need chess and bridge, (I am a bridge player) to become sexy, to become the sports of the future.

  32. The biggest issue with commercialising chess is the fact that, to enjoy chess, you need to understand chess, even if it's a little. Minimum 200-500 ELO required. And that's too much effort for most people.

  33. Thank you for putting yourself into this Levy.

  34. Chess CANNOT reach mass appeal.
    You don't need an active understanding of complex concepts to watch basketball. But to follow (and enjoy!) a chess competition, even amateur level like pogchamps, requires studying and practicing beyond what most find reasonable. Having experts describing the action helps but only to an extent.

  35. man this was too long… I skipped through and still don't know what this is about.

  36. ,,,because, simply put, chess doesnt get the sponsor because it's not seen as cool.

  37. "Two dudes who know how to move wooden figurines really well" <– best description of chess players 6:15

  38. This is the most eloquent unscripted rant I've ever watched.

  39. Tangentially, Fischer Random should be abandoned if you want to popularize chess imo.

  40. You want another boom? You need the second season of Beth Harman or some equivalent. Booms within the community aren’t booms… they are just popular parties.

  41. Wow. I been playing since I was 8 years old. 38 now!

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