How to win Chess in 3 moves!

Learn the how to win chess in 3 moves quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the technique.

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You must play as white and black must make these specific moves. On your first turn, move your pawn to e4. Black responds with their pawn to E5. Move your queen out to H5. Now black must move their king to E7. Move your queen across and capture the pawn at E5 for checkmate.


  1. i don't understand why blacks moves the king?

  2. They don’t have to the king, they can respond by moving their Bishop or queen

  3. how to win chess in 0 moves AND go to prison1. hack chess2. make opponent resign3. opponent report u

  4. Why does the King have to move?? A pon is blocking it. It doesn't have to move

  5. Most people would never move the king up. They would just block with the pawn. The only way someone is moving their king in this situation is if they've never played before.

  6. How to checkmate in two move play as black c3 you move e5 and white play b4 and you play Qa5# so easy right please try please ones

  7. What if they move the Queen to E7?

  8. why do they have to move their king, i don’t get it

  9. For some reason, winning in 3 moves is much less likely than winning in just 2 moves.

  10. e4 f5 e5(for example) g5 Qh5# is also a 3 move checmate

  11. do you expect me to believe my opponents will respond to scholar's mate with the bongcloud

  12. Yes but nobody play that. Move the king is a very stupid move.

  13. How to win Chess in 0.5 move:
    – Move your pawn to E4
    – Black responds by resigning
    – You win

  14. the chances of your opponent doing the bongcloud though

  15. 0:12 g6 is better, followed by Qxe5 Bf7, then Qxh8 Bf8, Qxg8 Ke7, Qxh7 Qe8 game on…

  16. This is literally the only way to mate at move 3

  17. There’s a fun line where you ask your opponent what’s under their King piece, and if they touch their King they must move it, but the only legal move is Ke7

  18. And what if the black move is pon to f6 and then moves the bishop?

  19. Black can also mate in 3 moves with 1 e4 d5 2 exd5 Qxd5 3 Ke2?? Qe4#

  20. cant the black one move 2 forwad and kill the queen or im just stupid?

  21. Best opening the Bongcloud, why would you not play it?

  22. Can't they just move their queen infront of the king. If that isnt allowed, online chess is a lie

  23. Why would you have to move the king though?

  24. Bongcloud Defense. When are you ever going to see that?

  25. Now black must do the worst move in the game? Why must black do the bongloud???

  26. bro if I move my queen to H5 how will I know they not just gonna kill me with their queen like?

  27. Their king be like: imma just take a peek round the corner and OH SH*T

  28. I am new to chess. Elderly. Trying to prevent dementia🤪.. Can someone explain why the king had to move?

  29. What a dumb suggestion. No one is going to move their king like that.

  30. Who in their right mind would move the king to E7 when the king isn't even checked. I'm not even a beginner and I wouldn't make that move.

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