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Hi this is David Sullivan, today we’re going to learn how to use the bishop. Each side begins with two bishops in a game of chess. They stand on either side of the king and queen who are in the middle. You can remember that by thinking that the bishops married the king and the queen, that’s how they get the right to stand next to them.

A bishop might look kind of funny, I remember when I was a kid I use to think he always looked like he was frowning. But actually the bishop looks the way it is because he’s representing a priest that’s wearing a mitre, a type of hat.

Bishops move along the diagonals, diagonals on a chessboard are the slanty lines that are all colored in the same. You get one bishop that moves on dark diagonals, and you get one bishop that moves on white diagonals. A bishop moves in a straight line, just like a rook, as little one square or as far as the board allows. Until it either runs into the end of the board, or runs into an enemy piece. If you run into an enemy piece you land on that piece, and you’ve just finished your move.

An interesting point is, what piece do you think is stronger, a rook or a bishop? Bishops can only cover half of the squares on a chessboard, if you have a bishop that’s on a dark square, it can only move to other dark squares on the chessboard. Rooks can move to every square on the chessboard. Therefore rooks are actually more powerful, and a little more valuable in general than bishops. And that’s how we use the bishops.


  1. Tbh if you turn the bishop sideways it looks like a shark

  2. I knew it wasn't just me who thought the Bishop looked as thought it had a mouth.

  3. Enough about the Bishop, what about the knight? What about the knight?!?

  4. wow this is quite interesting for a game of intelligence

  5. In China is called car😌😊😊😀😄

  6. What would be a bishops ideal purpose in chess?

  7. Actually, it represent's an elephant looking up. People started calling it "bishop" because it looked like a bishop's mitre.

  8. How can I checkmate when I have a bishop and they have four powns on the table

  9. I think the bishops look like a knight helmet

  10. The question at the end is not as pertinent as the knight vs. bishop challenge, which is of course much more difficult to answer. They both have the same value but wirk completely different

  11. Hello,
    May a Bishop capture more than one opponent in one move??????
    Thank you for the videos!

  12. I mean come on isn't anybody else as tickled as I am just watching him?

  13. Bishops are, generally, considered stronger than knights, especially when you have a pair of them against two knights

  14. I always thought that bishops look like beaker from the muppets

  15. Lol there just came an chess add on this chess video

  16. ايـلانور° says:

    Did you know the bishop is called “the elephant” in Arabic

  17. I just have a question. why when I am playing and winning the clock rings

  18. Bishop is like my assassin he can checkmate the queen 😂

  19. The bishop is surprisingly easy to use. Thanks!

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    9 years old ago..

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