How to Set Up a Chess Board

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  1. White on the right is what I need to remember.

  2. Does that mean that knights are better than bishops ? thinking

  3. Thanks! nothing in the way of my glorious chess-career now

  4. I heard about a guy that use physical chess pieces! lol, imagine the poor guy doing it every time he want to play somebody!😂

  5. Pieces by height surprised me… imagine if the knight or the rook was the tallest piece and get placed beside the king and queen 😱 Classical opening theories shot to bits

  6. Lets play- yea and that's the hardest part which will take years

  7. I remember it by dark square bottom left but same difference

  8. I remember the board orientation as "bottom right must be light."

  9. White is right, whoa thar came out wrong. 😉

  10. A girl I dated once taught me the rule about queens on their own color with the mnemonic "the shoes must match the dress."

  11. Yeah queens "CENTER MOST" light and dark squares

  12. After this video I push my rating from 1750 to Alphazero

  13. I remember my chess board by remembering the queens gambit

  14. Logically it really doesn't matter whether you put a1 as black or white square as long as pices are accordingly

  15. POV you memories it by saying the queen gets the D:

  16. Heres an easier was
    Queen on her color
    King on the oposite of his color


  18. White on right, queen on colour

  19. So to make things simpler
    -white on right
    -king on e file
    -queens on the d

  20. Someone has to show this to movie producers, should be a crime set up the board wrong.

  21. Also white goes on rows 1 and 2 and black goes on 7 and 8

  22. Also white pieces are on squares 1 and 2 and black pieces are on squares 7 and 8

  23. This only works if youre German but Dame = D

  24. Also, remember when you set up the board, to put the black pieces on the 7th and 8th rank and the white ones on the 1st and 2nd

  25. Is there a reason why the players place the kings in the middle after the game ends in tournaments?

  26. Just say “The Queen goes on D”

  27. Bro looks like if Michael and Trevor from GTA 5 had a child

  28. My friends played the most cursed game of chess, they set the board up where they accidentally got the bishop and knight placements mixed, which led to a game that was just so damaging to look at

  29. We always remembered which square the queen and king go on because we’d say “queen on color” because dark queen on dark square, light queen on light square

  30. I just remember the white room goes on the black square a1 and the rest of it is easy from there

  31. My dads the was that the queen matches her shoes, so that helps

  32. I am 1700 and i don't know why i watched this 8 times but it was interesting

  33. "white on the right"
    Isn't that racist? Well chess is already racist when white moves first so…

  34. i though the knights to next to the king and queen

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