How to play risk free chess

London System course:
Caro-Kann course:

00:00 Intro
01:36 Game 1
23:08 Game 2
37:54 Game 3

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  1. I See Alex, i have a better mood, how can you be so sympathic❤ If I Had the Money to Spend would Love to get some Training by you, especially because i use jobava and Caro kann Just because of you as my Main lines. But i started to Look into Vienna Gambit and danish Defense. I accidently played it in some Games and Then i started to learn more. I am already Close to 1000 going Up from 600 ❤

  2. You’re the best Alex!
    1. e4 c6 2. Qh5 Nf6 3. Qf3 d5 4. d3 dxe4 5. dxe4 Bg4 6. Qb3 Qd1#

  3. Coincides with me blundering my queen an hour ago, with one move to check-mate after a clean Caro-Kann defense. I rage-quit the app and repeatedly lectured myself about checking EVERY move even close to the "end". lol. f***ing hell. lol

  4. Do you really want to be flashing Illuminati 666 hand signs?

  5. it's because you are getting old…welcome to my world Alex

  6. loving your sharply dressed alter ego 😂. Got my first checkmate against the fantasy variation!!!

    Have you done a game where white castles queenside in the Tartakower?! I encountered this the other day and only won because i flagged them lol

  7. I enjoy the bad Alex vs. mature Alex comic sidelines.

  8. Risk free chess, OH just blundered my Bishop !!! 34.10

  9. Yessssss more London since I just bought your course with video.

  10. I gained more inches after watching this. Now I have been diagnosed with having BDBPS (big dick back pain syndrome)

  11. How about 1.c3 for truly risk free??? No Benoni or Englund tricks….

  12. Suited, grown up alter ego cracks me up. 😂😂😂

  13. In German, the letter "Z" has the English sound of "TSU," so "Zugzwang" should be pronounced "tsug-tswong."

  14. 07:55 Aw, jeez. First Magnus tells me to sit at the board and play with myself, and now Alex wants me to tickle my opponent. What the actual feck is going on here?

    Also…I don't have a reason for this, but I can't put into words how happy it makes me hearing a Romanian say things like "I have unmatched perspicacity."😂
    Keep up the great work, Alex. ✌️🤘

  15. @AlexBanzea 25:2025:30 What if white played bishop E2? Wouldnt that eliminate the bishops attack on the Queen?

  16. The key to all of chess is the Botvinnik-Carls. It's found both in the Caro Kann and the London System. In case of the Caro Kann Kings Knight Advanced Variation, I learned in this video that it's best to pin the kings knight before playing the Botvinnik-Carls.

  17. Hey Alex what is most powerful opening Jovaba or London?

  18. shout out to all 3 of you watching 🤣🤣😂😂

  19. Hi Alex, Did you play Game 2 just before going to a wedding?^^ costume & perfect hair cut

  20. You forgot "overwhelming modesty" AZ a quality!

  21. 0 blunders in the picture, meanwhile Alex: makes 1 blunder in every game.
    Jokes aside, thanks for playing the normal london system, as I got both your london and caro course. Really helps me through the middle game

  22. Thank you very helpful for me as a beginner. I don´t blunder anymore;-) cheers from germany 😊

  23. WoW! I learned a new chess term: fuckery. Or in this case "early fuckery". Good to know.

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