How To Play In Chess Tournaments


0:00 Intro
0:30 Part 1 – Finding Tournaments
10:50 Part 2 – Tournament Rules
19:45 Part 3 – Etiquette

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  1. i qualified for the nationals thank you for helping me getting better and not to mention i got hare from my first tournament so thank you stresing alot tho

  2. Hey Levy.I will be attending my unrated tournament this week on Saturday. Time control is 5 minutes / 0 (Blitz). I am not so good at Blitz games but I wanted to get a feel for how Chess tournaments are; since they're unrated, it would help me get better at Chess. I am 40 years old, getting older, and I am discouraged from time to time that my gaming ability in Chess may be hampered by my age. A man who reached 57 years of age became a Grandmaster; it still motivates me to want to learn more about Chess and hopefuly get to be a GM before 57 years old.We'll see how my Chess tourney goes this week. Thanks for this video! It helped me a lot.

  3. What if your opponent declines your resignation?

  4. Im here cuz this saturday im joining my first one

  5. Thank you for this. i was nervous to go for the first match.

  6. I am going to my first IRL chess tournament next week (saturday), wish me luck kings.

  7. i was lucky for seeing this in time because tomorrow i have school tournament i will let you know if i win

  8. In Greece the opponent is forced to tell you that he is threatening your king.

  9. Relax. Its all quite easy! I think this is something that would improve your game. Or Mr Gotham Chess game. If you dont know the rules, chances are it is your first time at the rodeo. So relax. If you do know the rules, relax. Be a good sport. If you see someone who is new to the game help them relax. Remind them if they forget to hit their clock. Lets help other people learn to love chess. Be respectful. Be kind. Be helpful.

  10. its sad that where I live, Belitung, Indonesia, we dont have a lot of chess tournaments, let a lone the fide rated ones, i hope it changes

  11. I still remeber my first tournament. I was playing against a 12 year old and I was 12 myself(now im 13). It was a local tournament, with no time control. We were sitting on the ground so you get the idea. Also there was no writing system. So we played. I won. He asked me what move i played some 10 or so moved ago. I couldn't remember it and he called the arbiter. Arbiter told u to restart the game. The 2nd game it was only my first illegal move amd he said it was second. So i called arbiter. They told me to restart my game. Again! The third game I lost because I was literally devasted mentally. After I got home i saw there was a extra knight in my pieces. I guess it was the kid's knight. He got his punishment.

  12. I went to a tournament last week, I am unrated and since there was not enough people I was put against two players over 1400, I almost beat one but it seemed unbalanced
    what can be done in those situations?

  13. my ass is going to a tournament tomorrow and I'm scared

  14. I'm playing a tournament in 3 days….. watched this 3 times

  15. I haven’t played in tournaments since 2014 when I was in 7th grade but think this summer I might finally get back into it.

  16. Thank you for this video – so incredibly helpful!

  17. What if you can write how would you get the moves writing down?

  18. My coach told me not to tell my opponents if they forget to press the clock

  19. Wanna watch this at 4x
    Pretty informative levy

  20. ARE YOU RESIGNING?? Nah not anymore I’m gonna play it out now

  21. Can we join as a beginner with like 500 or 700 elo?

  22. I am 11 and I know that parents intimate me but the kid does get the revenge

  23. Tommorow is my first touranment! wish me luck

  24. It's gonna be my first tournament in 1 month so I'm here

  25. My first tournament was 5x 25+10. I didnt really expect to win but scored 4,5/5

  26. Im going to a district level tournament through the school 😭 im 15 and literally an 850 im scared as hell

  27. Bro the fact that you said some people you meet OTB are “shockingly normal” seems to imply that you meet more that are unusual lol.

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