How To Play In Chess Tournaments


0:00 Intro
0:30 Part 1 – Finding Tournaments
10:50 Part 2 – Tournament Rules
19:45 Part 3 – Etiquette

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  1. Touch Move rule got me so many times at the begging 😂

  2. 284th day of translating Levy's titles into Neapolitan: "Comm vencr e torneij e scacc"

  3. One of the first to comment ☺️

    And to whoever is reading this, I hope you have a very nice day and a good life ahead!

  4. Thank you for this levy, I’ve played in two tournaments and in both I went 2-2 and each loss makes playing the next game even more difficult:)

  5. Bro Can you please Show a new variation of the Sicilian defence

  6. Next month I’m going to national youth championships!

  7. I am at college, in middle of a class and i see a youtube notification pop up of this video, the thumbnail being so intriguing, i clicked on it instantly and people start staring at me, the thumbnail guy should get a raise

  8. I played at a local tournament rated 1345. I finished 8th out of 60+ while beating a 1916. I scored a 5,5/9

  9. Its fun how there is like 20 commets saying first


  10. how to win chess tournaments : step 1 touch some grass

  11. This is funny coming from a guy who gets tilted and plays like a 1300 in his tournaments lmfao

  12. Thank god, just when I was running out YouTube content and gonna go to bed, Gotham comes out with a clutch upload

  13. Thanks levy, my tournament is in ten days and you Posted this at the right time

  14. Thanks for the video Levy! Might consider giving it a try!

  15. Only levy is the type of chess youtuber to fr get 1k views in 1minute

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