How to Move the Chess Pieces: The King and the Goal

Learn how to move the chess king and what it means to win a game of chess with our new chess lessons! 👩‍🎓

Try over 130 new lessons taking you all the way from the opening moves to advanced endgame patterns at .

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  1. The goal is to get the king to the other side of the board.

  2. I would love to play online chess everyday but you guys are about baking matchmaking algorithms to make Israeli's have higher ratings. On top of that you can't stop cheaters. Come play me in real life if you want me to buy some fake puzzles for better matching.

  3. So… Who is king? What is 8 ? Why is this green? What is chess? What is move ? Where am I now??

  4. I had to watch this multiple times. There's too much to unpack in this video.

  5. Who is here after watching The Queen's Gambit? 🙋‍♀️

  6. I'm going to become a master in 5 years. I can see it now.

  7. Is it just me or does this voice sound like AlexAce?

  8. The King is very powerful even though it can move only one square in any direction. Nothing is hard to learn if it is explained properly. Just practice with an engine and you'll see how powerful that King can be. The King can capture if the king can't be captured for doing so.

  9. This site lets cheats play all the time for $$$. Avoid these scamming cheats

  10. I watched all the short videos here on how to play. And it clarified a few things i was confused on (how notation works, which is the king/queen on the pictures, and that the queens and kings face each other). great short videos, very helpful!

  11. yeah that’s what i thought, but when i play on your website it doesn’t allow me to move the king in any direction i want

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